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Gareth Morgan offers $20k to design his flag entry

Gareth Morgan believes any new flag needs to acknowledge the Treaty of Waitangi, in which partners agreed to share this land and ensure that each other’s cultures thrive. Morgan believes NZ needs to embrace this opportunity to change our flag and is offering $20,000 for a flag that best meets his brief. Morgan has no […]

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The Six Dumbest Objections to Changing our Flag

You should never change your flag While change for change’s sake is not desirable as people get an affinity for the familiar and come to love their flag, it is ridiculous to assert that no matter what, changing the flag is not acceptable. Aotearoa New Zealand has changed its flags several times, only those ignorant […]

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Euthanasia only solution to wild killer cats

In response to the Conservation Minister’s call for un-owned cats to be euthanised, the Wellington SPCA has claimed that their trap neuter release (TNR) policy is working. This is unlikely to be the perspective of anyone who cares for the native wildlife that is reappearing around the Capital. Wellington faces a clear choice – do […]

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No one deserves a fat state pension

When we look at our social welfare regime it is full of inequity, so much so that it can be viewed as a tax on poverty. We maintain a mix of targeted benefits, including the dole, invalids, solo parent, Working for Families, and universal entitlement (NZ Superannuation) benefits. This suggests that on the one hand […]

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Towards a Shortlist of Suitable Flag Designs

We are up to 3,000 flag entries now and as I peruse them it is evident that the strongest preference is to design a flag that incorporates the existing and the Maori flag as well as the silver fern. That is encouraging and confirms that entrants see an evolutionary rather than a revolutionary approach as […]

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