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Towards a Shortlist of Suitable Flag Designs

We are up to 3,000 flag entries now and as I peruse them it is evident that the strongest preference is to design a flag that incorporates the existing and the Maori flag as well as the silver fern. That is encouraging and confirms that entrants see an evolutionary rather than a revolutionary approach as […]

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Yes Prime Minister, Keep Moonbeam to Yourself

As Prime Minister it’s time for you to be more assertive in defence of New Zealand’s native fauna. As your own Minister of Conservation has pointed out wandering cats are a significant threat to the Kiwi now (let alone the carnage they’re causing with other species) and have to be controlled. Much as you’re in […]

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We need to talk about Climate Change

Dealing with climate change is difficult, there is no denying that. Thankfully as a nation we have moved past denying climate change itself. Now we are debating the best way to deal with it. That much is progress. The contributors to this article are part of a group of people that meets regularly to discuss […]

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TPPA Negotiation secrecy nz

TPPA Negotiation Tactics: Why the Secrecy?

It’s a couple of months since we last wrote on the TPPA, has anything happened since? Only more evidence that the expectations of those involved in the process continue to be set back – which seems to be the nature of trade negotiations since time immemorial. Our own Minister Tim Groser said last year that […]

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Saving Lake Taupo – a World First

We talked to farmer Mike Barton about all the work that has gone into saving Lake Taupo. Mike even gave Geoff a pronunciation lesson (think toe paw). Saving the lake from declining water quality has been an enormous challenge, but so far it appears to be working! You can find out more about the Lake […]

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