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Gareth Morgan
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The beach, the monkey and rationality

One of the tenets of classical economics is that markets are rational (in other words, logical), that in the end if enough people participate, the outcome will be optimal. This assumption is often criticised and is why governments intervene via regulation and corrective taxes when they decide the market isn’t working. In reality, we often […]

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Geoff Simmons tax payers union sugar tax

New Evidence: Soft drink taxes work

Last year the Taxpayers Union launched a research report claiming that a tax on sugar-sweetened beverages wouldn’t have any impact. Apparently they had some numbers to back up that claim, although they didn’t make the data behind them public. That was not a good move. Amidst a blaze of publicity they quizzed those that advocated […]

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Little thinking behind beach purchase

Kiwis have generously got behind a campaign to buy 7 hectares of beach and scrub, with the aim to fold it into the Abel Tasman National Park. So far the campaign has raised over $1.3m, attracting over 20,000 donors. Even Stuff has got behind the campaign, no doubt sensing that this foray into campaign journalism […]

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