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Let’s talk. Talk Treaty coming 6th August.

On 6th August the Morgan Foundation will launch a video exhibition and online collection called “Talk Treaty”. The video collection is based on interviews with many well-known New Zealand personalities – Maori and non-Maori – talking frankly about the Treaty and issues related to it. The founding principle of Talk Treaty is that every view […]

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How do we stop land banking?

The Productivity Commission has produced a draft report that looks at ways to increase the supply of land for housing. The report includes many good ideas, such as getting rid of minimum parking requirements, which we will talk about in future blogs. One of the Productivity Commission’s ideas is to charge rates on public land […]

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 Photo by Tim Sheerman-Chase

Labour – focusing on the ‘Wong’ things

Labour has got itself in a tangle over their ‘leak’ of Auckland housing data. Putting aside the politics of playing the race card, are they right? Foreign buyers may well be contributing to the Auckland housing crisis. But should it come as any surprise that foreigners are keen to share in the tax breaks that […]

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A Maori perspective on the flag

There is only a few days left to enter our flag competition and have a chance to win $20k. We talked to one of our judges Desna Whaanga-Schollum to get a Maori perspective on the flag debate. What does she think of the current flag and the process to change it?  

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Government Wimps Out on Climate Change Target

The Government has committed New Zealand to a climate change target for 2030. Once you look behind the headline numbers, the target is grossly underwhelming, which calls into question whether the Government is really serious about the existing target of reducing net emissions by 2050 to 50% of the 1990 gross emission baseline[1]. Or have […]

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