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Geopolitics of the TPP

As we New Zealanders wring our hands, concerned over the loss of sovereignty that the TPP (Trans Pacific Trade and Investment Partnership) might imply for us, we should at least spare a thought for the bigger game of which that agreement is only part. If we appreciate that, it might at least give us a […]

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Our Health Minister: sponsored by Coca Cola

The Government is currently looking at options for reducing child obesity. Over the weekend the Health Minister Jonathan Coleman again ruled out using taxes and regulation, claiming that a sugar tax in particular “wouldn’t work”. This is despite a major study from Mexico released two weeks ago, which shows exactly the opposite. Tax and regulation […]

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More cows = more pollution – Parliamentary Commissioner for Environment – Whiteboard Friday

The Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment has released two reports on water quality; the first is her review of the Government’s policy, and the second updates their previous work on land use change in New Zealand. The first report chimes with the findings of our own review from last year, particularly that Government needs to […]

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Why Having the Right Flag is Important

Our motorcycle ride around the Carolinas and the rest of America’s Bible Belt continues during interesting times. This week in America there has been a furore over the racist-inspired murder of members of bible class in the South Carolina city of Charleston. Amongst the belongings of the alleged murderer, 21 year old Dylann Roof, were […]

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Gareth Morgan offers $20k to design his flag entry

Gareth Morgan believes any new flag needs to acknowledge the Treaty of Waitangi, in which partners agreed to share this land and ensure that each other’s cultures thrive. Morgan believes NZ needs to embrace this opportunity to change our flag and is offering $20,000 for a flag that best meets his brief. Morgan has no […]

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The Six Dumbest Objections to Changing our Flag

You should never change your flag While change for change’s sake is not desirable as people get an affinity for the familiar and come to love their flag, it is ridiculous to assert that no matter what, changing the flag is not acceptable. Aotearoa New Zealand has changed its flags several times, only those ignorant […]

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