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Gareth Morgan
Susan Guthrie

Remembering Dr Ranginui Walker

The video collection had humble origins. After reading everything we could about the Treaty of Waitangi, Gareth and I wanted to test our ideas by asking people many, very personal, questions – what do they identify with, have they experienced discrimination, how do they navigate cultural differences day to day, do they feel comfortable […]

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Gareth Morgan mole

A letter to Annette

On Tuesday we spoke out against Andrew Little’s politicking over Pharmac’s decision to not fund (at the moment) one of the new generation of cancer drugs called Keytruda. To his credit the Greens health spokesperson Kevin Hague was the voice of reason – speaking out in support of the independence of Pharmac. However Labour deputy […]

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Jess Berentson-Shaw poveg

There is child poverty in New Zealand – no matter how you measure it. Let’s just do something about it.

The New Zealand Initiative have released the first of their three reports on poverty in New Zealand. This first report is focussed on discussing measures of poverty but also touches on factors contributing to poverty as well as some interesting information about the evolution of poverty alleviation in New Zealand. The report contains some good […]

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Awaroa : Triumph of Romance over Rationality

Congratulations to all those who contributed to the Awaroa crowdfunding campaign – you got your wish. I have no intention to question how people spend their money, but I do think that the price paid was too high – both from a conservation and purely financial perspective. I will certainly find better value for my […]

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Geoff Simmons Paula Bennett - Climate Change

Our New Climate Change Minister – Paula Bennett

Over the weekend Paula Bennett gave her first speech as climate change Minister. How did she rate? A couple of her statements were very promising, but much of it was a continuation of the ‘do nothing and make excuses’ approach pushed by her predecessor Tim Groser. Leadership Bennett’s predecessor Tim Groser was a diplomat – […]

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