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9 Catastrophic lies by the SPCA’s Bob Kerridge

Auckland City Council is currently reviewing its animal management bylaws, and looking at the management of cats. The submission by SPCA Auckland (delivered by stalwart Bob Kerridge) clearly shows they are determined to live in denial about the cat problem. It is time to manage cats in the same way we do dogs. Bob’s submission […]

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Why we haven’t talked about the TPPA

The Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) is probably the most talked about economic issue of the year, apart from our age-old favourite – housing. Today the TPPA will even be the focus of protest marches around the country. As many of you have pointed out, we at the Morgan Foundation have been uncharacteristically silent on […]

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Democracy Under Threat in New Zealand

Howie Tamati, sole Maori councillor on the New Plymouth District Council, sees the granting of Maori wards on local councils as a step in the right direction, “not the right answer but a start” (Insight, Radio NZ, March 1st). He is wrong, very wrong. New Zealand is a democracy and democratic rights of the individual […]

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Don’t be Xenophobic, Make Money Out of the Foreigners

Our blog on Taxing the Mega-Rich for their Kiwi Hideaways galvanised two reactions from readers – one xenophobic a la the Winston Peters followers, and one enlightened. The enlightened folk recognise that foreign investment, tourism and immigration can all be hugely beneficial to New Zealanders if we’re smart enough to take advantage of the opportunities […]

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Whiteboard Friday – What is growth?

We have a lot of people talking about growth and that we cannot have unlimited growth in a sustainable world. Of course, nothing is a simple as it seems. So in this video Geoff goes right back to the basics and explains what “growth” is and how it is different to our idea of “progress”. […]

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