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Gareth Morgan
Gareth Morgan Just pay cash UBI basic income

Why the Guardian is wrong on UBI

Even in Finland, universal basic income is too good to be true Declan Gaffney, Guardian Newspaper 10 December 2015 With rebuttal by Gareth Morgan Finland is not planning to scrap its existing benefit system and give everyone an unconditional grant of €800 a month – contrary to what some recent headlines may have told you. […]

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Jess Berentson-Shaw Family

Child Poverty: Stop blaming parents, read and understand the evidence

The Island of Neverland was inhabited by boys, who, after bouncing from their perambulators whilst on a turn in Kensington Gardens, were then never claimed by their feckless Victorian parents. These Lost Boys lived in feral and dangerous liberty, free from the iron rule of parents & nannies. They were unloved, unaccounted for and answerable […]

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Key boasts while our emissions credibility burns

John Key has responded to more than 35,000 climate action marchers by smugly claiming that because 80 per cent of our electricity comes from renewable sources, we’re respectable. Such a boast is irrelevant to the task at hand – reducing carbon emissions to zero (and beyond). We’re still one of the highest carbon emitters per […]

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Geoff Simmons Waikato_river

Government’s wimpish river regulations watered down

The Government’s fresh water policy is under strain around the country. Remember when they defined ‘bottom lines’ for quality as ‘wadeable’ (not swimmable), but ‘communities’ could improve on them if they wanted, and promised that no matter what, water quality would be ‘maintained or  improved’? Well, the reality is quite different. When ‘communities’ – either […]

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