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Gareth Morgan
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Morgan Congratulates the Shortlist Winners

Congratulations to the designers of the 4 flags on the shortlist – it’s great to be getting down to the final stages of the campaign to change the flag. It is clear the consideration panel have tried to find a design that aligns with popular sentiment and that’s really important for getting the required numbers […]

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Jess Berentson-Shaw kid

The State is a Bad Parent. Literally.

Last week the Children’s Commissioner Dr Russell Wills made the rather startling statement that “it is doubtful children are better off in state care”.   In the first report investigating the service Child Youth and Family (CYFs) provides to our most vulnerable children, the Office of the Children’s Commissioner (OCC) conclusion is: WOW. So the […]

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Geoff Simmons climate-change-crims

Why we are Global Warming Criminals

Given the natural assets we have – a small population with plenty of natural resources at our disposal, and plenty of scope for renewable energy – New Zealand should really be doing better at dealing with climate change. Instead we are laggards. New Zealand enjoys over 75% of its electricity being generated from renewable sources. […]

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Gareth Morgan

How can we build Heartland New Zealand’s understanding of the Treaty?

Continuing our series for discussion from the c.200 video clips we assembled from interviews of 60 New Zealanders, this week we hear from Andrew London, musician. He talks about the differences between attitudes toward the treaty and race relations in provincial towns as opposed to Wellington; the home of government which has driven the modernisation of the treaty’s […]

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Gareth Morgan fern

PM’s flag preference is underwhelming

Prime Minister John Key contextualised his decision to invoke the flag change process with an update of his thinking published in the national dailies last Saturday. Much of what he says I endorse totally. Our current flag is not only passed its used-by date, as a 19th Century defaced British naval ensign it was never […]

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Susan Guthrie Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 9.31.02 am

We need to start thinking quickly about the effects on New Zealand of China’s economy

Last week I gave a presentation about the ‘big picture’ to a gathering of government officials in Wellington. I talked about China’s economy and financial market volatility, rather on-the-money topics given this week’s global stock-market meltdown! Here is a potted-version of that presentation.   Global outlook When anybody says ‘global economy’ they’re really talking about […]

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Gareth Morgan Universal Basic Income

Call for a UBI gains momentum

The idea for an unconditional basic income (UBI) is not new – it has been around since at least the 1960s. Its time seems to have finally come as the international calls for the UBI continue to mount – and they are coming from those on all sides of the political spectrum. In developing countries […]

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