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Climate Change – A Bluegreen Issue

Yesterday I argued for a Bluegreen Party – one that could act as a coalition partner to Labour or National – a party that stuck to its knitting of protecting and improving the environment while remaining relatively agnostic on the economic and social agenda of its partners in government. Then, as if to answer the […]

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Time for a Bluegreen Party

Congratulations to the National Party. To increase your majority in your third term, reflects public confidence in the leadership team and an endorsement that one’s policies are more attuned to the preferences of voters than those offered up by any other party, or any other combination of parties. This much is indisputable. Many Kiwis are […]

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Election Day is Time to Refocus on Policies

Over the course of this election campaign there has been a lot of focus on dirty politics, spies and conspiracies, and tragically way too little on policy. Those stories will no doubt continue to be discussed long after the vote counting stops but with election day upon us, at least a little attention to the […]

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Ask me anything on Election 2014

At 12:30pm I will be doing an “ask me anything” live chat on election 2014. Topics I would like to talk about are around the environment, tax, welfare, inequality, economics. Everyone is welcome, leave your indifference at the door. Live Blog Ask me anything re election – With Gareth Morgan  

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