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Come on Bill, at least tax the Rich fairly

Enough ducking of the issues! Bill English’s response to Oxfam’s report about rising wealth inequality was to point to a government report which suggests income inequality hasn’t got worse over the last ten years. In other words the Minister doesn’t want to talk about wealth, just about income. New Zealand’s tax policies don’t attempt to […]

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Cat Enclosure

Otis and Rubi – Safe and Sound

This fantastic Kiwi cat lover has installed a Gallagher fence to keep her cats (Otis and Rubi) on her property. The cats and native wildlife are safe, and the neighbours are happy – everybody wins! Cat fences and enclosures such as this are popular in Australia and North America.

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Raglan Cat Killings

I was shocked to see the segment on the Raglan cat killer on Seven Sharp: I want to be clear that I don’t in any way endorse the actions of the Raglan cat killer. This is one issue where I am totally on side with the SPCA – cruelty to cats is not acceptable […]

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Migration matters for house prices

They say a picture can paint a thousand words – so let’s save words and cut straight to the chase on the issue of immigration and house prices…     Over the past two decades migration has had a strong influence on New Zealand’s property prices. Net long term inward migration is the number of […]

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Cats will damage your mind

A “mind-bending” disease found in cat faeces and spread to human brains has been enlisted in Gareth Morgan’s war on moggies. About 40 per cent of people in New Zealand are infected at some time in their lives with toxoplasmosis – an incurable disease caused by a parasite that lives only in cat faeces and […]

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Die Calories

Shifting the Blame for Weight Gain

The food industry seems to love finding new ways to tell people that it is their fault they are overweight. According to new research from the British sugar lobby, obesity is due to people not knowing what their daily intake of calories should be. Education is clearly the answer. How this is passed off as science […]

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