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Politicians reach a new low on tax

Wouldn’t it be nice if elections were about uncovering the best government policies and the best people to implement them? Isn’t that why we have a democracy in the first place? Well, we can kiss that illusion goodbye. Take a look at the way the major parties are behaving around tax. They’re squabbling about the […]

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NZ Ocean_Forest

Marine Protection Good For Business

Most of our country is under water. 95% in fact. Given we have so much ocean, there is bound to be plenty of resource out there – including fish, energy, oil, ironsands and minerals (like phosphate on the Chatham Rise). There are massive economic opportunities, and our Government knows it, which is why they have […]

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Wellington Free Ambulance from Jo

Jo Morgan and her great friend, Ann Selkirk, were happy to donate money towards a new Wellington Free Ambulance yesterday.  This has been a personal interest for Jo, as she believes this is a vital service to the Wellington community … and maybe it was some forward thinking (with all her mountain climbing adventures).  

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Come on Bill, at least tax the Rich fairly

Enough ducking of the issues! Bill English’s response to Oxfam’s report about rising wealth inequality was to point to a government report which suggests income inequality hasn’t got worse over the last ten years. In other words the Minister doesn’t want to talk about wealth, just about income. New Zealand’s tax policies don’t attempt to […]

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Cat Enclosure

Otis and Rubi – Safe and Sound

This fantastic Kiwi cat lover has installed a Gallagher fence to keep her cats (Otis and Rubi) on her property. The cats and native wildlife are safe, and the neighbours are happy – everybody wins! Cat fences and enclosures such as this are popular in Australia and North America.

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Raglan Cat Killings

I was shocked to see the segment on the Raglan cat killer on Seven Sharp: I want to be clear that I don’t in any way endorse the actions of the Raglan cat killer. This is one issue where I am totally on side with the SPCA – cruelty to cats is not acceptable […]

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