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The investment you have been told is a must have is driving a wedge between haves and have nots

By Gareth Morgan and Susan Guthrie – This is part of a series by the Centre for NZ Progress published in the Herald ‘Progress’ is usually taken to mean moving towards something better. Economists are particularly good at whipping out the ruler to measure progress. Are we earning more? Do more people have jobs? Are we selling […]

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Water Quality & Dairy Conversions

If we really were to maintain or improve the quality of every waterway, what would happen to dairy conversions?  At a first glance, they would have to stop. To maintain or improve the quality of our water, we have to stop putting more gunk in it. Logically that means stopping dairy conversions, or any other […]

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Farmers don’t set out to pollute our rivers

It can be easy to vilify farmers. But no farmer sets out to create pollution, and the evidence suggests that many farmers are either already acting responsibly or that they are lifting their game. In particular, dairy farmers are acting. With an estimated 90% of Fonterra’s waterways already fenced from livestock, action has being taken by […]

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We Are Not Anti Dairy

A common reaction to our clean rivers initiative is that we are anti-dairy farming. This is completely untrue. The truth is that many dairy farmers, with a little cajoling from Fonterra and Dairy NZ, are doing a lot to improve water quality. The vast majority of farmers now control their shed effluent, leaving only a […]

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Dairy Farming in Brazil :Nitrogen Management

With the challenge New Zealand is facing with increased nitrogen leaching that has come with intensifying of dairy, there is understandably a tendency to ‘look over the fence’ and see how we compare with others. New Zealanders have applied our knowledge of pasture-based systems in a number of other countries, including several in South America.  […]

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So long, be on your polluting way

Conor English’s valedictory article in the Dominion Post the other week provides ample evidence for why we won’t be sad to see the back of the former Federated Farmers CEO. His consistent advocacy for dirty economic growth has not only unfairly put farming in a bad light, undermining the considerable effort being made to clean farm […]

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Lollies disguised as muesli bars?

It started with Roll Ups promoting themselves as a way to give kids their daily servings of fruit. This plasticky fruit leather was no doubt a dentist’s nightmare. But things appear to have got worse. In the muesli bar section of my local supermarket I found these nice & natural fruit Crocs aimed as easy […]

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