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Small towns need to stop polluting rivers

Last week we raised the issue of poo in our rivers, and how it is making us sick. As we saw in our review of the Government’s fresh water standards, bacteria from poo is just one of the many issues facing our waterways. These days we mostly hear about nitrogen pollution from dairy cows, because […]

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Which food company is killing us the quickest?

It is that time of the year again – time to vote for the Munch Awards, including the worst kid’s food product and worst kid’s food marketing campaign. This time the voting is nicely timed to fit with Diabetes Awareness Week. Today’s blog looks at which of the foods in the Munch awards is preparing […]

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You’ll be shocked at how easy it is to overdose on sugar by eating manufactured fake food

It is Diabetes Awareness Week. As we saw in our book Appetite for Destruction, diabetes is one of New Zealand’s fastest growing diseases (one in 4 Kiwis are at risk) that has many nasty side effects. Poor diet is the major driver of the increase in Type II diabetes. One of the major issues we found in our book Appetite for Destruction is […]

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- Photo Kristina D.C. Hoeppner

How much tax does Gareth Morgan Pay?

Since the election we have been talking a lot about tax – how we don’t tax all the income from investments equally. One of the common questions we have had is how much tax Gareth pays. While the question is a little off topic and irrelevant, we asked him anyway and he very kindly answered. […]

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Why are our Politicians are afraid of Auckland tolls

Why are our Politicians Auckland Toll Chickens?

Yesterday both the National Government and Green Party opposed the suggestion to place a toll on Auckland’s roads, but for completely different reasons. The Government opposes it because they see it as a new tax. The Greens because they would rather see the Government’s existing investment in roads moved to buses and trains. The international […]

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