Report Pollution

You can report all types of pollution with our easy to use reporting tool. Click the report pollution button below, drop the pin on the map where you saw the pollution, click next and then file your report. It only take 2 minutes.

This tool is also available as an App. For more info click here

Who can make use of these reports?


Unfortunately stock get out sometimes. Our reporting platform allows you to monitor the perimeter of your farm and if someone spots livestock in a waterway, you will be the first to know. Most farmers are concerned about the environment. Set up an alert area for your farm now.

Local Councils

Are you the person responsible for monitoring pollution in your area? Receive alerts when a member of the community reports pollution in your area. The alerts include images, GPS data, categorisation, and the ability to communicate with the reporter. We can even set up a workflow for your internal process. For more info contact To get started set up an alert area now.


The last thing any business wants is an accident that causes pollution. You can monitor the area around your business and recieve alerts if there is a problem that may be related to your business. Set up an alert area now

Frequently Asked Questions

Who monitors the pollution reports

We have made this tool available for every council to use for FREE to monitor citizen reported pollution in their area. It is up to them if they use it. Proactive farmers and concerned members of the community can also be made aware of reports by simply signing up for alerts. The team at the Morgan Foundation is moderating all reports.

Why is The Morgan Foundation doing this?

Because we love our rivers and believe that every person in our community can actively participate in keeping our rivers clean. Nobody’s built a way for river users to communicate directly with those that pollute, and those that can do something about it – we’ve done it. If you see something that concerns you this tool allows you to share this information with other people that care and highlight areas of concern in our environment

What is ThunderMaps

ThunderMaps is a New Zealand based company that makes it easy for business to communicate with maps. The Morgan Foundation has partnered with ThunderMaps and is using their GIS software to make this pollution reporting initiative happen