Ambition – Improving the environment and productivity.

“People that think our image, environmentally, is not important – they’re dreaming.” – Stu Muir, Waiuku farmer.

Stu Muir had the ambition to regenerate the whitebait population and restore the waterways on his Waiuku dairy farm to how they were 50 years ago.

“We love our duck shooting and white baiting so if you want to do those things you have to enhance it.”

Stu restored the farm’s wetlands and planted the sort of native bush which once thrived in the area.

Wildlife soon returned to the land – including the whitebait. Stu says improving the environment on the farm has also increased productivity.

“Good environmental stewardship and good economic practice, they’re not diametrically opposed, they actually go hand-in-hand. We have increased production per hectare by 600kgs in the last 15 years”

Take a look at our video to see the results Stu has achieved.