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Will we be the greedy generation that ruins our grandkids’ future by destroying the environment for them?

Kiwis are passionate about their fresh water. We want to protect and improve our rivers so that we, our children and our grandchildren, can safely swim in them. That’s a major challenge given the competing demands for water and more intensive use of land bordering many of our waterways. 

The Morgan Foundation has created My River to go into bat for healthier rivers and clean water – central to our quality of life. 

We got a bunch of scientists together to tell us what’s going on in our rivers, and help us review government fresh water policy. Download the report below.

Download the report or  Learn more about the science now


We got a bunch of scientists together to tell us what's going on in our rivers. Here are the facts


Government’s plan for our waterways is a step forward, but isn’t good enough. Learn about what we need to do.

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There are things you can do. Report pollution now with our easy to use tool or fill out our petition and help lobby change within govt.