A simple, fairer tax system for all New Zealanders

New Zealand’s tax and welfare policies are a mess and the solution is abolishing the current welfare system and radically overhauling the tax system.

The whole point of a tax and welfare system is to redistribute from the well-off to the rest. The Big Kahuna puts some radical changes to tax and welfare on the table.

Three simple components

Unconditional Basic Income

Targeted welfare is expensive to administer and strips people of their dignity. A UBI provides $12,000 per year to every Kiwi and replaces the welfare system.

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Flat Income Tax

A progressive income tax that changes with what you earn does not actually target wealth and makes calculating tax tricky. A 30% flat tax for everyone is much simpler

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Comprehensive Capital Income Tax

Both the wealthy and everyday kiwis who have a home exploit the same tax loophole to avoid tax costing us all money. The CCIT closes loopholes and make sure we all pay our fair share

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