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Exercise: Don’t Sweat It

“Why don’t fat people just go for a jog?” This is one very popular response to a lot of the discussion on food, particularly when we start talking about taxing unhealthy food. We have already looked at the fallacies of calling obese people lazy gluttons in another blog. However, the role of exercise deserves a separate […]

The Recipe for Change

Fake food now kills as many people as cigarettes, and it is time to apply the same solutions as we did to that problem. There is a tried and tested formula to crack this problem – education, regulation, taxation and stigmatisation. This article looks at all the things we could change as a society to […]

How We Got Fooled by Fake Food

Most people blame gluttony and sloth for the obesity epidemic. While individual choice plays a part, genes and upbringing are far more potent deciders of our fate. Yet this cannot explain the recent spike in obesity. Neither our self-control, nor our genes have changed in the last fifty years. Our genes only determine how fat […]

Putting the Heat on Milk

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Our milk article got a passionate response from many different angles. Perhaps the most common response was that people were surprised to discover that our milk is being watered down. Others condemned the intensification of our dairying and the reliance on palm kernel required to all these cows fed over autumn.  Some felt that we […]

How real is your milk


Dairy is our largest exporter, dominates our landscape and is our greatest contribution to the diet of the world. In the past we have been justifiably proud of this industry, but the relentless push for increased volume is changing it forever. At what point is our milk no longer really milk? As dairy prices have […]

Saturated Fat – Angel or Devil?


The initial response to our book and infographic has sparked the sort of online spats that the book was trying to address – incomplete science, the prevalence of see-saw fad diets and the habit of breaking foods down to their nutrient parts and squabbling over whether they are “good” or “bad”. The current fad of […]