About the authors

gareth-appetite-for-destructionGareth Morgan

Dr Gareth Morgan is an economist, public policy analyst, portfolio investor, motorcycle adventurer and philanthropist.

Through the Morgan Foundation Gareth has instigated a series of books on issues of public interest. He has also co-authored with his wife Joanne, 5 books on their offshore motorcycle trips, and has written three books on personal investment. See ‘Other Titles’ for more information. His latest project “Our Far South” set out to raise New Zealanders’ awareness of the importance of the area between Stewart Island and the South Pole – the race for resources, the sensitivity of Antarctica to climate change and the threat to biodiversity or our subantarctic islands from overfishing, marine pollution and climate change. This project led on to Gareth’s participation in further conservation projects – Predator Free New Zealand, Million Dollar Mouse, Stewart Island Treasure, and New Zealand’s Cleanest River.

Gareth is a shareholder in Welnix, which owns the Wellington Phoenix Football team and part of the Hurricanes rugby franchise. Gareth’s directorships have included a national legal firm, publicly listed companies, advisory boards of government departments, New Zealand’s largest web site auction house TradeMe Ltd, and Leite Verde SA a Brazilian dairy industry business. Gareth graduated from Victoria University with a PhD in economics 1982.

Geoff SimmonsGeoff Simmons

Geoff Simmons is an economist working for the Morgan Foundation – an independent foundation which aims to stimulate debate on the important issues facing New Zealand. Geoff graduated from Auckland University with an Honours degree in Economics.

He has over ten years experience as an economist working on tricky public policy issues for NZ Treasury and as a manager in the UK civil service. He has co-authored three books alongside Gareth Morgan. See ‘Other Titles’ for more information. He also worked on the infamous “Cats to Go” campaign. Geoff speaks Spanish and also is an experienced speaker, facilitator, trainer, entertainer, actor and improviser.