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The most controversial book on food you will read

We Kiwis are literally eating ourselves to death. In the move from cooking to convenience food we have given up control of what we eat. As a result our food is heavy on sugar, fat and salt, and light on the nutrients our body needs. This is causing a hidden health crisis that will swamp our hospitals just when the baby boomers want their hip operations.

Gareth Morgan and Geoff Simmons latest book cuts straight to the bone of what ails us, and what we can really do about it.

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Why Read This Book

Find out:

  • How a silent epidemic of diabetes is sweeping the nation – are you at risk?
  • Fake food is addictive and is killing us – learn how to spot it.
  • The truth about what you should eat to live longer.
  • Are you a lazy fat piggy or just big boned? (Or ‘Is it okay to be a fatty?’)
  • Are you killing your kids because you’re conned by marketing?
  • Is our milk so bastardised it shouldn’t be called milk?
  • What fad diets actually work?
  • What we can do about it all, and why the Government is too gutless to act.