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Gareth Morgan

The Newcastle Jets are supported well by the local newspaper

This week the Newcastle Jets came from 2-0 down to draw equal with Melbourne Victory but then fell a goal behind again and lost their match. This week the Wellington Phoenix came from 2-0 down against Melbourne Heart to draw equal and then we went ahead to win our match. Some of you may recall when we last met Newcastle we won 3-0, in Newcastle.

Currently we are in 6th, Newcastle 7th on the table, you might say we are similar in many respects – teams from small towns that punch above their weight on a per capita crowd basis and have a hard job competing with the far richer clubs of Melbourne and Sydney. Our fan bases are both staunch.

One difference between Newcastle and Wellington is that the Australian city’s local newspaper is continually supportive of its team, constructive critics of performances but die-hard loyal. That is what you expect from your local newspaper, to accurately reflect the sentiments of its community, something the Newcastle Herald does admirably. The commentaries carried by the Newcastle Herald reflect the unconditional support of their local team. Compare the coverage of this weekend’s games.

“Brave Jets fall short”, “the Jets rallied courageously” – Robert Dillon, Newcastle Herald.

“Entertainment has been in short supply at Westpac [Stadium]this season”. “it [Thursday’s game at the Westpac Stadium] wasn’t always high quality” – Sam Worthington, Dominion Post.

You wouldn’t think we’d done better would you? The Newcastle public is blessed to have a local newspaper whose football reporters are supportive of their team, no matter what.

  • Coxey

    Buy the Dom Post from Fairfax and either educate the naysaying journos, give them happy pills for morning tea or turf them out if they still can’t see good in our Nix….

  • Alana Bowman

    And that’s what Fairfax writes about a sport they like – they really pour it on against local cricket. And they are big fans of a concrete bridge right next to the Basin Reserve!

  • Empedocles Economopolis

    The local paper in Wgtn is keener on the REAL football teams in the area—the Hurricanes and the Lions. Gareth, you can try to force them to report on the ‘Nix like a PR company, but that won’t work any more than your half-hearted persistence in calling soccer “football”.

    • Mike Smith

      You seem to the one out of the loop. Even the DimPost refers to the game as football.

  • Jim Baltaxe

    We can but hope – for both the Phoenix and the DimPist.

  • Jewey21

    Is the journo’s job really to see good? Surely it is to: inform readers of the goings on at the club, critique poor performances and poor form, celebrate success, ask questions about why decisions were made and comment on what they see. If you, or anyone, expects them to find a positive in the way the ‘Nix have played this year, you’re understanding of sport journalism, as I see it, is way off. If you want cheeleaders Mr Morgan, buy them. I prefer mine in short skirts showing plenty of leg, not with pens in their hands.

    • Mike Smith

      Probably is but you won’t see much of that at the DomPost. Their journalistic values are out the door. If Pankhurst was bad Courtney is even worse. Best thing you can do with the ‘paper’ is ignore it/don’t buy it!

  • Mike Smith

    Jonathan Milmow is the culprit here. He gives direction to Sam Worthington. Not sure what Milmow’s problem is entirely.