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Gareth Morgan Gareth Morgan

It’s all go for Morgan’s historic Korea mission

Affter being initially rebuffed, economist Gareth Morgan has finally been granted permission to travel through Korea’s heavily fortified demilitarised zone. The crossing is part of a 40,000-kilometre ride from Russia to New Zealand. He and five others will travel through the DMZ into South Korea at the abandoned village of Panmunjom. The DMZ is a […]

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Gareth Morgan Gareth-on-motorbike

Gareth Morgan hits a snag in Korea’s DMZ

Gareth Morgan’s latest plans for a globe-trotting motorcycle trip have hit a brick wall in the shape of Korea’s demilitarised zone. His route in August would take him and five others, including wife, Jo, through the demilitarised zone (DMZ) from North Korea to South Korea. It has been approved by the usually secretive communist north, […]

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Gareth Morgan Korea - Baekdu

Strengthening the Kiwi-Korean Connection

The next overseas motorcycle odyssey for Gareth Morgan and his intrepid companions portends to be one of their most difficult – not so much because of the rough terrain that stands in their way – but rather because of the socio-political hurdle they are confronting. As part of their “Long Drop” ride down the 151st […]

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Gareth Morgan Slag heaps built of gold mining discharge blot the skyline of Soweto

South Africa – Shaking off the shackles of a racist past for a strong economic future

We just had a few days in Soweto, cradle of the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa. These days it’s like dropping  into Cannon’s Creek or Otara  – modest housing but comfortable in the main, with electricity, water and sewerage, and well lit streets – certainly miles above what we’ve just been experiencing in Madagascar and […]

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Gareth Morgan India

In love with India

Just back from India, there’s something about that country that is totally captivating. It was our third visit and I don’t think we’ll ever tire of the place. This time we were up in the northeast and it reminds me very much of the Darjeeling area. Returning to Kolkata which we last visited eight years […]

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Gareth Morgan Jo Morgan with the Motorbike parked at the DMZ Korea

A Motorcycle Ride with a Difference

Jo with the Motorbike parked at the DMZ last time we were in Korea We have this plan to ride our motorcycles down the length of the Korean peninsula, from the north of the DPRK (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) to the southern tip of the ROK (Republic of Korea). The reason is to show […]

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