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KiwiSaver paper leaves investors in dark

KiwiSaver paper leaves investors in dark In the fourth and final part of a series on investment performance, I look at regulation and information. In New Zealand we still have a long way to go to lift the quality of our investment and savings decisions, and crucial to that is getting fund managers to report […]

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There is always an element of risk when you jump into investments.

How to carefully weigh up investment risk

Too many investors don’t take a blind bit of notice of risk. If we’re talking about your life savings the objective should be to increase its value, but subject to not losing it! This is an incredibly important qualification. In my article the other day (Risk, returns and keeping your nest egg safe) I identified […]

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Keeping your nest egg safe

Risks, returns and keeping nest egg safe

New Zealand’s problem is more about how well we manage our savings rather than how much we save. New Zealand has a weak track record when it comes to saving and an even worse scorecard when it comes to looking after what savings we have. It hasn’t been helped by the low standards in our […]

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The Big Game Part V

THE TACTICS- HOW THE INSURANCE MULTINATIONALS GET AWAY WITH IT When customers find they have been diddled and seek recourse, there is a well-established sequence of responses. This invariably ends in resolution but with the offending corporate free to do it again – if not to that customer then certainly to others. The sequence is: […]

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Let’s Send a Clear Message to Politicians on Super

Gareth Morgan, Director of Gareth Morgan Investments As the superannuation to and fro grinds on, many of us should be forgiven for thinking that a relatively simple issue is being addressed by an convoluted, complicated, high-risk, and expensive compulsory alternative. Why methinks, do Peters and Bolger persist when its clear their headed to total humiliation. […]

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Compulsory Super Offers Little that is Compelling

Gareth Morgan, Director of Gareth Morgan Investments The decision by Prime Minister Bolger to change his mind on the efficacy of compulsory superannuation is apparently based upon the coalition compromise which will see the superannuation surtax removed. From Mr Bolger's perspective this makes the current scheme "unaffordable" without either raising the age of entitlement or […]

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