Are there plenty more fish in the sea?

blinkers-352x542As his fish bins filled up on another successful raid on the Cook Strait groper fishery, economist and dedicated fisherman Gareth Morgan found himself wondering whether it could possibly be right that he should be allowed to do this. Is it still true, he wondered, that there are plenty more fish in the sea? He resolved to find out.

Together with Geoff Simmons, he launched an in-depth investigation into the state of New Zealand’s fisheries resource and our supposedly world-leading management régime. Hook, Line and Blinkers is the result. Fishing is but one of the pressures our oceans face, but it’s one that people — you and me — can readily influence. For it’s not only the fishing industry that must confront the impacts of their fishing on the environment: recreational fishers must face up to our share of issues, too. Meanwhile, if we mean to ensure that there are still fish in the sea tomorrow, we must begin to make ethical choices about what we buy and eat. Hook, Line and Blinkers will change how Kiwis think about fishing, whether you are sitting in Parliament, your dinghy, or at your dinner table.

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