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Dirty dairy in New Zealand

Labour fires the first shot on water quality

The media may have ignored it but Labour Deputy David Parker’s speech at the Cashmere Club last week was well worth a listen. In that speech, Parker delivered a clear message to farmers. Degradation of water quality in New Zealand’s streams, rivers and lakes is not an acceptable consequence of agricultural expansion. Articulating aspirations I […]

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The war on sugary drinks

Should sugary drinks be taken as seriously as tobacco and alcohol? New Zealand’s obesity crisis and the sugar consumption feeding it looks set to become a hot topic this election year. A group of health experts want to see sugar taxed and school controls brought back, and now they are taking their radical plan to […]

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Why compulsory savings won’t cure our ills

It is unfortunate but true that many myths have been peddled by successive governments in relation to KiwiSaver. The latest policy offering from the Labour Party reflects a poor understanding about the limits of KiwiSaver and related issues. This is a major flaw in the comprehensive economic policy it announced last week. Myth one: compulsory private […]

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Man out of work, David Shankbone

Why We Need To Shift To Wealth Taxes

There is an intellectual storm sweeping through the corridors of academia and power in Western countries. New Zealand will no doubt catch up in time and a good thing too. It’s a revolution in understanding about inequality, wealth and the role of tax. In his pioneering 2014 opus, Capital in the 21st Century, French economist […]

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Rats & Mice

Our recent cat camera survey has rekindled the debate on wandering cats, and the risks they pose by killing native wildlife and spreading disease, let alone to themselves. The response from some was to express concern about that old chestnut – that managing domestic cats might let loose a plague of rodents. This response is […]

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Cats cavorting through capital – Morgan

The capital’s cats are cavorting through Wellington properties at a rate of 49 million trespasses a year, according to a new study by anti-cat campaigner Gareth Morgan. Island Bay and the rest of the Southern Ward turned out to be cat central with properties in the southern suburbs recording a “staggering”; average of four visits […]

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Cat Camera Campbell Live

Cat cameras reveal surprising results

Remember Gareth Morgan calling your cat a natural born killer or Zealandia a pet food factory? Well, he’s not backing down on his campaign to rid or restrain cats.  He wanted to prove that your property is visited by lots of cats, so he planted cameras in 40 properties in Wellington and came up with […]

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