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Auckland Cat Colony

Auckland Cat Colony from Gareth Morgan on Vimeo. Over summer Geoff Simmons met with Peter Dormon of Lonely Miaow, a charity that cares for stray and abandoned cats in Auckland: Together they visited a stray cat colony in Kohimarama – one of the many thousands across Auckland – and chatted about how the stray cat problem […]

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Cats Outside

Only direct action will fix wandering cat problem

Recent events in Invercargill with the nuisance caused by “owned” cats wandering over neighbourhood properties, highlights the need for action from central government. In that city the council has introduced a bylaw to restrict to three, the number of cats a household can own. Even though the bylaw is a pretty weak way to deal […]

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Radio Live Council Bylaw

Councils need better bylaws to control cats

The Invercargill City Council has got itself in aright bind over how to handle a local who’s got more than 30 cats. The Council has a by law banning cat owners from owning more than 3 cats. The council’s been powerless to do anything about the cat owner and has even encouraged neighbours to trap […]

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Hunter Lounge pub TV3

Students show off their trapped rats

Beers are going very cheap at Victoria University’s student pub at the moment. You can get one for the small price of one dead rat. The Hunter Lounge pub in Wellington is allowing students to bring in dead rats in exchange for free beer. Ridding the world of pests, one glass at a time.  

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Why Supermarkets aren’t so super

Last week we saw Shane Jones bagging Countdown for their treatment of suppliers. But don’ t for a moment think the New World/ Pak’nSave crowd are any better. Jones is picking on the Aussies because they are picking on us over there. The truth is that both sides of our cosy supermarket duopoly are as […]

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