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Flavell is right in calling for a review of racism in our justice system, but wrong to overlook progress

Earlier this week Maori Party leader Te Ururoa Flavell hung out his flag as the newly appointed Minister of Maori Development. He did so by quite rightly calling time on National’s smug response to news that fewer young people are heading to court. While overall numbers are down, the over-representation of Maori among youth in […]

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Kiwis ready to declare war on predators – Morgan Foundation expands backyard trapping programme

Wellington has declared war on predators. Wellingtonians are now trapping in their backyards in record numbers. The success of the backyard trapping programme has prompted the Morgan Foundation, Wellington City Council and Department of Conservation to step up their funding, to help more people join the fight. Wellington is now eyeing up the possibility of […]

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As technology progresses and disrupts more jobs, more workers will be employable only at lower wages

The latest edition of “The Economist” (October 4) is another commentary on the consequences of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) revolution, how it has been the driver of this boost in incomes and rise in overall productivity of several economies. What the various industrial revolutions have in common is that they disrupt life and […]

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