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Eglinton River, Flickr, Harald Selke.

2014 New Zealand River Awards

The second annual New Zealand River Awards will be announced this Thursday evening in Wellington. The Awards recognise the most improved river in each region where there’s robust data, and also identifies the three most improved rivers in the country. Last year the Awards were based on improvement in e-coli levels. This year we’re using […]

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Predator Free New Zealand

The Launch of Predator Free New Zealand

Yesterday we launched Predator Free New Zealand, a new initiative that the Morgan Foundation are involved with. Predator Free New Zealand has been set up to support the efforts of the many community groups already out there eradicating and controlling predators. To illustrate the work being done, we take a look at the Kōkako Recovery Project, which […]

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Too much to ask of the Waitangi Tribunal

Last week the Waitangi Tribunal released its findings from the first stage of its hearing into claims from the Far North tribes. The claim is known as ‘Wai 1040’ and the Tribunal’s report highlights everything that is wrong with the way the Treaty is now being applied in New Zealand. In a nutshell, the Treaty […]

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Small towns need to stop polluting rivers

Last week we raised the issue of poo in our rivers, and how it is making us sick. As we saw in our review of the Government’s fresh water standards, bacteria from poo is just one of the many issues facing our waterways. These days we mostly hear about nitrogen pollution from dairy cows, because […]

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Which food company is killing us the quickest?

It is that time of the year again – time to vote for the Munch Awards, including the worst kid’s food product and worst kid’s food marketing campaign. This time the voting is nicely timed to fit with Diabetes Awareness Week. Today’s blog looks at which of the foods in the Munch awards is preparing […]

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