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Rats & Mice

Our recent cat camera survey has rekindled the debate on wandering cats, and the risks they pose by killing native wildlife and spreading disease, let alone to themselves. The response from some was to express concern about that old chestnut – that managing domestic cats might let loose a plague of rodents. This response is […]

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Cats cavorting through capital – Morgan

The capital’s cats are cavorting through Wellington properties at a rate of 49 million trespasses a year, according to a new study by anti-cat campaigner Gareth Morgan. Island Bay and the rest of the Southern Ward turned out to be cat central with properties in the southern suburbs recording a “staggering”; average of four visits […]

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Cat Camera Campbell Live

Cat cameras reveal surprising results

Remember Gareth Morgan calling your cat a natural born killer or Zealandia a pet food factory? Well, he’s not backing down on his campaign to rid or restrain cats.  He wanted to prove that your property is visited by lots of cats, so he planted cameras in 40 properties in Wellington and came up with […]

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Number one

NZ top of the world on life quality

It’s a result that might surprise many in New Zealand. Good ol’ Godzone is actually getting something right. Despite being a relatively poor member of the moderately rich country club, on a global scale we’re best overall at achieving three things: meeting the basic needs of our population, providing the ‘foundations for wellbeing’ ( things […]

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Drinking Glass, Olli Niemitalo

New Zealand’s water in context

We have lots of water relative to our population but has that made us blasé about how we manage our water resources? Do we squander it in terms of how much we use, how we use it and abuse it? The OECD has compiled a number of interesting statistics comparing countries’ water resources, use and […]

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Happy Cat, Flickr/jenniferwilliams

Think of the Cats

This might sound a little strange, but we are worried about cats. Not just the damage they do to our wildlife, but their own welfare too. That is another reason why we want to talk about managing cats. Cat management is not only better for native wildlife, property owners, and those concerned about their family’s […]

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Eglinton River, Flickr, Harald Selke.

Clarity Crucial for Fresh Water

As our rivers have been getting murkier over the past few years, the quality of public information has been heading in the same direction. That has all changed with the launch of Land, Air and Water Aotearoa (LAWA). LAWA is a brave move by Local Authorities, and one that should be applauded. It lays open […]

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