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Election Day is Time to Refocus on Policies

Over the course of this election campaign there has been a lot of focus on dirty politics, spies and conspiracies, and tragically way too little on policy. Those stories will no doubt continue to be discussed long after the vote counting stops but with election day upon us, at least a little attention to the […]

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Ask me anything on Election 2014

At 12:30pm I will be doing an “ask me anything” live chat on election 2014. Topics I would like to talk about are around the environment, tax, welfare, inequality, economics. Everyone is welcome, leave your indifference at the door. Live Blog Ask me anything re election – With Gareth Morgan  

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Video thumbnail for vimeo video Can the government really create more Jobs?

Can the government really create more jobs?

Over the last few weeks a range of economic development policies have emerged from across the political spectrum. They vary from the weird to the wonderful, but all of them suffer from the same problem – the delusion that the government can always create jobs and stimulate regions and industries. Today we will look at […]

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Advertising to kids – The Mother of all stuff ups

The Dirty Tricks Food & Drink Companies Use to Target Your Kids An angry father has called out Monster energy drinks for their appalling actions in handing out energy drinks to children. He is right in calling for regulation, this is yet another example that the food industry self-regulation over advertising to children is failing. […]

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