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The Food Industry’s Three Essential Soundbites

When their backs are against the wall, the Food Industry usually pull out one of three soundbites. Each of these soundbites appear sensible on their own, but when you take them as a package, it becomes clear that they are just stonewalling. The response to our piece last week on the New World Little Shop […]

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Which political party will help you live longer?

We wrote the book Health Cheque back in 2009, and it is surprising how little has changed in five years. In that book, we found that our health system performs pretty well on a tight budget, at least compared with other systems overseas. And yet, like many other countries we face huge challenges in coming years, […]

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Ethics shouldn’t have to be the Election Issue

What an indictment of our democracy that it’s the behaviour of our political actors that has captured the imagination of the media rather than their policies. Whether this is because the media is so lightweight that it couldn’t do analysis of policy if it tried, whether it’s because there is little policy of content to […]

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Video thumbnail for vimeo video Groups keen to enhance Zealandia halo

Groups keen to enhance Zealandia halo

Crofton Downs from Gareth Morgan on Vimeo. The pest-free “halo” around the Zealandia sanctuary is being extended to Crofton Downs, thanks to a $5000 gift from the Morgan Foundation. The Enhancing the Halo project focuses mainly on Zealandia, but also has the long-term goal of making Wellington the first predator-free capital in the world. A […]

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What’s the real inequality?

 Judging by the questions we have received, inequality seems to be one of the hot topics of this election. There are probably a number of reasons for this. The 2010 book Spirit Level summarised the latest incarnation of this debate, arguing that more unequal countries do worse on a range of measures including health (especially […]

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