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Sooty Shearwater - Photo: Dan Irizarry

Bird of the year competition

When asked to support a bird for The Bird of the Year Competition it was an easy choice – the Sooty Shearwater or Titi won hands down. The Kiwi may be our national icon, but all they do is eat roots and leaves. Is that really representative of our country’s culture? We don’t think so. […]

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Benefit tightening won’t reduce unemployment

It is tempting to call the National Government’s Social Security Amendment (Benefit Categories and Work Focus) Bill the most irrelevant sideshow in the circus that is tighter targeting of social benefits. Anyone would think these politicians and the bureaucracy implementing the latest raft of tests for benefit eligibility haven’t a clue what they’re doing.  While […]

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Discusion with Kim Hill on our land, our environment and our economy

After the speech that I posted online the other day “Our land, our environment and our economy – Transiting to where“, Kim Hill and I had a really good discussion on the issues.  Have a listen below and please leave your thoughts in the comments section. [ca_audio url="" width="500" height="27" css_class="codeart-google-mp3-player"]

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TV1 Spotlights Edric

Last night Close Up did a spot on Edric Baker’s incredible work amongst the poor and infirm of Bangladesh.  His hospital, providing care for the poor by the poor is unique and has stood the test of time – 33 years he’s been at it. Now our challenge is to organize his succession but also […]

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KiwiSaver paper leaves investors in dark

KiwiSaver paper leaves investors in dark In the fourth and final part of a series on investment performance, I look at regulation and information. In New Zealand we still have a long way to go to lift the quality of our investment and savings decisions, and crucial to that is getting fund managers to report […]

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