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Politics and pokies a bad mix

Politics and pokies a bad mix

There’s a bill in front of Parliament that advocates local councils be given the job of allocating gaming proceeds and deciding the location and number of machines in their area. The argument is that councillors are the right folk to reduce problem gambling, which affects about 2 per cent of recreational gamblers. It’s a stretch […]

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A Budget for our Times

It was a nothing budget and that’s precisely what’s needed – at least insofar as government spend, revenue and balance is concerned. If taxes had been raised significantly then austerity  would have risked a recession; if spending had been ramped then a credit downgrade based on the high debt the private sector already owes foreigners, […]

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Supreme court appeal ruling step in the right direction

Appeal ruling step towards care rethink

The recent Appeal Court ruling about payments to families who provide home-based care for their disabled family members confirms that New Zealand social policies – not just health but early childcare and welfare benefits too – are discriminatory and a breach of human rights. The immediate implication of the Appeal Court’s ruling is this: where […]

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My views on the 2012 budget

Video Transcript Interviewer: Gareth, the government’s budget is coming up on 24th May and they’ve said it will be their second consecutive budget with no new spending. Is there an argument in times like this for the government to actually be spending more, not less? Gareth: I don’t think the path to nirvana comes by spending […]

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