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Image by Cathie Lendrum

Benefits system needs to evolve

On Thursday last week, the Living Wage campaign was given a very public airing at AUT University with a collection of international speakers. While much of the focus of this campaign has been on the hourly rate paid to low-wage workers, the international guests spoke more broadly of the rapidly changing nature of work under […]

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Falls and river on Haast Pass - Image bu sally

Morgan Foundation’s Cleaner Rivers Campaign

The news about the quality of water in New Zealand’s stream, lakes, estuaries and rivers is depressingly consistent – freshwater quality is deteriorating at a rapid pace, under siege from the rapid expansion of intensified dairy farming, urban waste practices and erosion. If you needed convincing take a look at last December’s closing message from […]

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Better labeling on our fod

Addict or Idiot: Is Coke Responsible for Death?

Recently a coroner’s report fingered excessive consumption of Coca Cola in the death of an Invercargill woman. She apparently drank 10 litres per day – the coroner estimated that this was 2 times the recommended maximum daily amount of caffeine, and more than 11 times the recommended maximum sugar intake. Of course the lobby groups […]

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Graeme Wheeler LVR

Better late than never – Reserve Bank edges ever closer to acknowledging mistake on mortgage policy

The consideration given by the Reserve Bank to controlling the bias in its policies that favour housing over all other lending types is most welcome (See NZ Herald article here). It is 20 years late but until they deal to this, New Zealand’s economic growth will suffer, capital will be misallocated and incomes and job […]

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Staging a pussy riot

Today’s blog is not a blog about cats per se. Instead, let’s focus on the corners we run to when the cat conversation comes up. What is it about the cat issue that polarises us all in New Zealand?

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The latest on the Phoenix

  Today I have been in Stuff and the NZ Herald regarding an interview that was pre recorded a week ago with Tony Veitch. Here are some points that need to be mentioned: I remind everyone that this Club loses money every year and on that basis we are looking at a range of ways […]

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