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No right to profit by trampling over others

The Horizons Regional Council’s victory at the Environmental Court which found that farmers deserve no special treatment and should follow the rules like anyone else when it comes to curbing their pollution, is of major importance. It’s late but better than never. The vast majority of farmers are environmentally responsible and many are passionate about […]

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Slag heaps built of gold mining discharge blot the skyline of Soweto

South Africa – Shaking off the shackles of a racist past for a strong economic future

We just had a few days in Soweto, cradle of the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa. These days it’s like dropping  into Cannon’s Creek or Otara  – modest housing but comfortable in the main, with electricity, water and sewerage, and well lit streets – certainly miles above what we’ve just been experiencing in Madagascar and […]

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Bird of the year competition

When asked to support a bird for The Bird of the Year Competition it was an easy choice – the Sooty Shearwater or Titi won hands down. The Kiwi may be our national icon, but all they do is eat roots and leaves. Is that really representative of our country’s culture? We don’t think so. […]

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