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Denniston Plateau

Govt and miners have learned lesson

The Denniston Plateau deal shows that National and the mining industry have learned their lesson from their last attempt to mine on conservation land. Sure, it was a tad cynical of the Government to make this latest decision the day before the rules on public notification changed. However, the basic thrust of the plan is […]

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Morgan Supports Gavin Wilkinson

Bird breeder Gavin Wilkinson who humanely trapped a wandering cat that was killing his chickens, is to be applauded for destroying the cat, (See this 3 News Article ). We have a terrible hole in our legislation around wandering pets that do damage to our wildlife, destroy other people’s pets when they invade, and spread disease. […]

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Gareth Morgan hits a snag in Korea’s DMZ

Gareth Morgan’s latest plans for a globe-trotting motorcycle trip have hit a brick wall in the shape of Korea’s demilitarised zone. His route in August would take him and five others, including wife, Jo, through the demilitarised zone (DMZ) from North Korea to South Korea. It has been approved by the usually secretive communist north, […]

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Korea - Baekdu

Strengthening the Kiwi-Korean Connection

The next overseas motorcycle odyssey for Gareth Morgan and his intrepid companions portends to be one of their most difficult – not so much because of the rough terrain that stands in their way – but rather because of the socio-political hurdle they are confronting. As part of their “Long Drop” ride down the 151st […]

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Gareth Morgan: make Stewart Island pest-free

Wellington philanthropist Gareth Morgan has announced his latest project: to make the whole of Stewart Island predator-free. But the island’s 400 residents, particuarly cat owners, aren’t so sure. Stewart Island’s birds, beaches and bush are ignored by all but the most determined of tourists. Now Mr Morgan has hatched a plan he says will to […]

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New Zealand Budget 2013

Response to housing problem limp-wristed #nzbudget

Anybody unfortunate enough to pick up a copy of Wellington’s daily newspaper today was assaulted by a screeching headline ‘Pricking the housing bubble’. Accompanying this was an entire front page devoted to how Bill English’s 2013 Budget is some sort of “3-pointed” magic pin. Someone find me the smelling salts! Housing is cannibalising the rest […]

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Cat war breaks out in New Zealand

In this island nation said to harbor more cat owners per capita than any other country, a furor has broken out over a crusade to eradicate man’s second-best friend. The charge is being led by Gareth Morgan, a nationally renowned economist-turned-environmental-activist, who has dubbed cats “natural born killers” that are menacing the native bird population […]

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graph housing problem nz

Policy at the root of housing problem in NZ

Over-investment in housing and the lending largesse that underpinned that orgy of excess led to the sub-prime crisis in the US in 2007 which in turn led to widespread recession in the developed world, a problem which remains for most countries today. New Zealand fared relatively well in one sense through all this – output […]

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