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Gareth Morgan

It’s all go for Morgan’s historic Korea mission

Affter being initially rebuffed, economist Gareth Morgan has finally been granted permission to travel through Korea’s heavily fortified demilitarised zone. The crossing is part of a 40,000-kilometre ride from Russia to New Zealand. He and five others will travel through the DMZ into South Korea at the abandoned village of Panmunjom. The DMZ is a […]

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Not a bad view from a state house

State Housing a Joke

Here is a classic illustration of how stuffed the welfare system is. Housing New Zealand (HNZ) allocates it’s low-rent properties to people based on their income and savings. Ms Bella Bowden easily qualified on all their criteria – a working person on very low pay – and has been a tenant at one property for […]

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Kerridge Gone, Good Riddance

Bob Kerridge’s resignation from his long reign as SPCA National President offers the organisation an opportunity. Under Kerridge’s dominance the SPCA has veered towards a cat’s rights organisation that puts it at odds with other SPCA’s around the world.

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House in an Auckland Suburb

Reserve Bank solution misses the point

Remedy for New Zealand’s housing bubble needs to focus on curbing investors’ enthusiasm for property. The Reserve Bank has announced it will lift the ratio of deposits to loans in order to take the heat out of the housing market. There are a number of grounds for intervening in the housing market and the appropriate […]

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Enhancing the Halo Launches

Gareth Morgan is asking Wellington households to pitch in and make their back yard a safe haven for native wildlife.   Over the past couple of decades Wellingtonians have invested heavily in our wildlife hotspots – with both money and sweat. We now have world-leading reminders of what our country should be like. All those […]

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