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Graeme Wheeler LVR

LVRs: First Home Buyer Killers

We can expect the LVR (loan to value ratio limits) intervention to impact the housing market. We can also expect first home buyers to be in the firing line of this policy. How ironic, given that the whole issue with the housing market is that it’s locking out many first home buyers. The LVR cure […]

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Fatties: Lazy Pigs or Wrongly Programmed?

We need to change our fatty-bashing culture if we are ever to have a sensible conversation about food and health. The fact is that our obesity and diabetes crisis is not simply a result of gluttony and sloth. The truth is far more complicated than that. New Zealand is in the grips of a food-related […]

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How real is your milk

Dairy is our largest exporter, dominates our landscape and is our greatest contribution to the diet of the world. In the past we have been justifiably proud of this industry, but the relentless push for increased volume is changing it forever. At what point is our milk no longer really milk? As dairy prices have […]

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Headed in the wrong direction

With the local election results out of the way, attention now turns to sorting out our transport network. And judging by the proposals on the table, there is plenty of work to do. National roading projects are judged (in part) by their benefit cost ratios (BCRs). This basically tells us how much benefit we get […]

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Time for Coke to Pay for Making Us Crook

Soft drinks are under the hammer. Around the world they are being taxed and regulated. Here in New Zealand we have seen the launch of the FIZZ campaign to knock soft drink consumption for six. Coca Cola recognises the threat, and has launched a global campaign to show they have an interest in our health […]

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Time to be the Natural Capital

Time to be the Natural Capital In an election bemoaned for a lack of issues and poor turnout, one strong message has been sent to the Town Hall in Wellington: we want to make Wellington the Natural Capital. Conservation is now a mainstream issue rather than a place for fringey socialists and naturalists who wouldn’t […]

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Saturated Fat – Angel or Devil?

The initial response to our book and infographic has sparked the sort of online spats that the book was trying to address – incomplete science, the prevalence of see-saw fad diets and the habit of breaking foods down to their nutrient parts and squabbling over whether they are “good” or “bad”.

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