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Exercise: Don’t Sweat It

Exercise: Don’t Sweat It   “Why don’t fat people just go for a jog?” This is one very popular response to a lot of the discussion on food, particularly when we start talking about taxing unhealthy food. We have already looked at the fallacies of calling obese people lazy gluttons in another blog. However, the […]

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Study to find cats’ hunting behaviours

A Victoria University researcher is trying to find out just how deadly the domestic cat is for native wildlife. In a joint project with the Wellington City Council, miniature cameras have been attached to the collars of a group of cats to monitor their behaviour. Heidy Kikillus’ pedigree, Poncho, is the poster cat for her […]

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Morgan Announces Cat Trespass Survey

The Enhancing the Halo project aims to make Wellington New Zealand’s natural capital. As part of this, there will be a number of surveys of the predators that roam in the backyards of Wellingtonians. The intention is to bring to the public’s attention just how much decimation of the native wildlife is occurring right on […]

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Vision for football in New Zealand

In two extended radio interviews Gareth Morgan expanded on his vision for football in New Zealand and got more specific about how the governance and management of the sport has to change if it is ever going to lift itself beyond the level first reached by John Adshead’s 1982 World Cup team and emulated in […]

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Winners of the 2013 NZ River Awards ‘River Story Award’ for community action

There are many community groups working locally around New Zealand to protect and restore rivers and streams. Some are engaged in monitoring water quality and biological diversity while others focus on replanting stream banks and restoring fish habitats, or increasing community access to local water ways. Many groups include local farmers and landowners who are […]

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The Recipe for Change

Fake food now kills as many people as cigarettes, and it is time to apply the same solutions as we did to that problem. There is a tried and tested formula to crack this problem – education, regulation, taxation and stigmatisation. This article looks at all the things we could change as a society to […]

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Selling state assets is good

Why sell assets to reduce debt? from Gareth Morgan on Vimeo. The Government’s partial selldown of a number of state-owned assets is almost done and dusted, with only Genesis yet to go on the block. New Zealand has nevertheless instigated a referendum on the issue. That referendum was over whether the public thinks it a […]

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