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ERADICAT – Australian attitudes towards Cats

The Cats the To Go campaign has touched people in many countries around the world. In particular it has sparked massive debate in Australia, where the Australian Geographic has covered it ( ) and now SBS’s Insight program has featured an open debate for an hour on the topic of cat control and the effect […]

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Food labelling regulations starved of facts

Around half of Kiwis admit they are baffled about how to eat healthily. Think about that. That is one in two people. Half the nation. There is no better indication that the modern food market is broken – how can people possibly be expected to make an informed choice? It gets worse. The other half […]

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Flying Fatties: Who’s at fault?

A couple of years ago Air New Zealand’s April Fools prank was the launch of a new ‘pay what you weigh’ fare. This year Air Samoa made that concept a reality by charging its passengers by weight. It doesn’t matter whether it is your bag or your butt, to Air Samoa a kilo is a […]

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The Clarion Call From Cyprus

It’s decades overdue but at last the government guarantee on deposits at banks has been shown not to be cast-iron. The decision taken in Cyprus to impose a one-off 7% tax on all bank deposits as the cost of securing a rescue deal from Europe, is intensely unpopular. Ordinary people somehow think they shouldn’t take […]

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Dire Dairy Desperados

Resorting to stuffing their cows with palm kernel in response to the drought-induced shortage of pasture, is just the latest instance of a New Zealand dairy industry that continues to take more and more risk in order to keep the meagre money train rolling. When cows eat palm kernel, and other grain foods for that […]

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The road ahead for the Phoenix

Last weekend I was I interviewed by Tony Veitch about the Phoenix, my first interview about the Phoenix since Ricki Herbert moved to the technical adviser role. The interview covers Riki’s advisory role in the club and our determination to further integrate the Phoenix with the development of the amateur game in NZ, as well […]

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