I will donate money when the SPCA stops releasing cats

Microchip implant in a cat. (Wikipedia)

Microchip implant in a cat. (Wikipedia)

First let me say I do not hate cats, how people every reached that conclusion is only for them to know. What I do not like however is the evidenced damage cats are doing to our native fauna.

To Bob Kerridge and his fellow travellers I fully appreciate and respect your love for the domestic cat. That is not the issue and totally beside the point. Stray and feral cats originate from the domestic cat population so your constituency is responsible for that population as well.

Along with other introduced species including weasels, stoats, rats and mice the assault on our wildlife has got to stop.

We cannot claim we are conservationists and justify pouring money into protecting and enhancing our environment when we willingly allow any of those species to wreak havoc. The hypocrisy of double standards is for those who hold them to justify.

Today Bob raised the SPCA’s little known Trap Neuter Release (TNR) policy. This despicable practice means that stray cats are no longer put down by the SPCA as they once were, but instead neutered and released into colonies where they can continue to kill wildlife unabated; simply neutering a cat does nothing to stop the bloodlust.

These stray cats are a nuisance to society and themselves as they carry disease, intermingle with ferals and ultimately lead miserable lives. To make matters worse these colonies are fed, which attracts new cats and ensures their population keeps rising despite the de-sexing policy. In short TNR is an expensive failure – it leads to more stray cats, especially as people avoid the cost of neutering.

Bob has asked me for money for the SPCA. I will help his neutering and chipping programme but not until he abandons his discredited TNR policy and joins me in advocating that people that do this should be prosecuted along with those that allow their cat to stray on my property.

Domestic cats should be controlled. Cat owners have no right to allow their animals to wander across my property and slaughter wildlife. Incredibly, from the mail I’ve received, too many cat owners do think this is their right. Containing cats within the owner’s property is the minimum of responsibility cat owners need to accept. Even then their animal can still slaughter passing birdlife, but that is for the cat-owner to defend to society.

Local councils have been laggards in this space and need to step up their vigilance. You cannot justify spending ratepayers money on the one hand on ecological reserves while on the other you don’t hold cat owners to account.

I would like to see New Zealanders acknowledging that the environment is important to them and walking the walk on this, not simply paying lip service to the sentiment. To that end you should be cage-trapping cats that wander across your property, boxing them and delivering them to the local Mayor’s office for them to deal with.

Council need to urgently bring down bylaws that force cat owners to register, micro-chip and neuter their cats, impose fines on cat-owners that need to retrieve their cats from the local Pound and euthanize unclaimed cats.

Arguably the greatest economic opportunity New Zealand has is the monetisation of its natural capital. I am writing this from Lanzhou, the most polluted city in the world where the natural environment has been totally ruined by a blatant disregard of the value of environmental capital. Citizens wear masks, many are dying from the impact of air pollution and smoking, and the wildlife is non-existent, the biodiversity severely compromised. People here look at what we have in New Zealand with intense envy. We are sitting on a goldmine.

As the late Sir Paul Callaghan said to me in his dying days – “you have got to do something to awaken New Zealanders awareness on just how important our environment is. I am relying on you to promote Pest-Free New Zealand”. To which I said, “thanks Paul for that hospital pass”. Some of you will know that Sir Paul had twigged to the economic potential of our environment when he coined that phrase about “making New Zealand a place where talent wants to live”. This, I’d suggest to you is the greatest economic opportunity New Zealand faces – to capitalise on the destroyed environments elsewhere, make ours better and better and from that encourage not just tourism but also quality immigration.

What I am asking is for New Zealanders to enforce accountability on cat ownership and for those owners who cannot confine their cat 24 hours a day to either face the consequences or to make this cat their last because the unintended consequences of cat ownership are too harmful. In terms of what people can do about rats and mice once this cat population is confined, we do of course have the mousetrap.

Finally I want the SPCA to dump TNR. Not only is this practice open to legal challenge as cruelty to animals, but its violation of the Biosecurity and Wildlife Acts is well worth pursuing. Any lawyers out there want to give Bob Cat a run for his money on this then join the team (sorry I couldn’t avoid the pun). The Society for the Protection of Cats (SPCA) needs to take a long hard look at itself in the mirror.

  • http://www.facebook.com/gopal.harlow Gopal Harlow

    How is a cat owner supposed to keep a cat on their property? You comments show you are out of touch with the realities of cat ownership. One would have to turn their entire section into a sealed aviary to keep a cat in. Seriously considering moving my kiwisaver funds unless you get a bit more of a realistic perspective on this issue. Yes i get that cats destroy wildlife and that is a problem, but you need to get real in your recommendations

    • http://www.facebook.com/christine.lethaby.9 Christine Lethaby

      Gopal, you need to read what Gareth is talking about. He is not so concerned with you domestic pet rather the Feral Wild cats that are destroying wildlife in great abundance. However Domestic cats do and always have needed to be kept in at night. If you really do love your cat you would do this anyway.

    • http://www.facebook.com/damian.sugrue Damian Sugrue

      You should keep your cat inside 24/7 if you cannot stop it from wandering into other people’s property.I have to keep my dog on my property and so you should keep your cat in yours.My property is not there for your cat’s benefit IE to use as a toilet, to kill birds ….my garden is a toilet for every cat in the neighbourhood…so keep your cat inside…I used to have a lot of wax-eyes and fantails visit my garden now because of the cat population I don’t…if you want a cute furry animal…get a guinea pig or even a pet rabbit…

    • http://www.facebook.com/NZHomebrewer Peter Niepel

      Hey Gopal,it works with my two dogs, so why wouldn’t it work with a cat? Eh? I am actually required by law to have my dogs permanently under control. Why not cats? People have rats under control, too. And if a cat can’t be controlled then maybe we shouldn’t have cats as pets. And don’t come and say it is against the cat’s nature to be locked in. It is also against dog’s nature to be locked in. We still don’t seem to have a problem with that. So why with cats? What would you say if I would have my dogs running around in the wild?

      • rob b

        Because dogs are pack animals and can be trained to take instruction from the leader of the pack.

        Humans are also pack centric. Cats can learn to do things yes, but its their choice if they will or wont do it. And why is it so criminal exactly for a cat to wonder about my Cat goes and sees the neighbour sometimes who pats it FYI, but otherwise almost never leaves and certainly doesn’t harm birds.

        One of the biggest problems in our cities is the “green desert” from keeping our sections so neat and tidy there is very few natural flowers growing to support insects which along with the varroa mite has decimated our natural bee population and you wonder why there could be a decline in bird species. The irony is intense farming concepts in some cases has made rural areas worse than cities for declining bee and insects.

        Id also add since changing the trees growing on our section and setting up wildflower areas, along with trying to choose flowers that bloom at different times (as I keep a beehive) I’ve noticed a large uptake in the amount of birds that live in our trees I hear tui’s every morning and I’m in Auckland so if you want birds, you can do something about it and it doesn’t have to be at the expense of another creature.

    • Willy Newton

      Those recommendations are real, and needed. If it was made law, I guess a lot of people wouldn’t have them at home. Your threat to move your kiwi saver funds sounds a little silly. You should take them where ever you think best they would benefit your cause.

    • http://www.facebook.com/david.millingtonmarsh David Millington-Marsh

      precisely, how does one keep a cat, who has the ability to climb trees, dig under fences etc keep it on their property. People in this country fail miserably at keeping their dogs in a fenced section let alone the acobatic cats. Rather than lambasting people for owner pets how about coming up with solutions GM. You seem to be full of ideas about football. Perhaps your energies could be spent solving the cat issue instead.

      • Environmental

        Perhaps cat people should start realizing that in order to own a cat they need to cage it or keep it indoors. We have to do the same with our dogs and they do no harm to the environment generally. Why should it be any different.

    • http://garethsworld.com/ Geoff Simmons

      The idea of an indoor cat is now commonplace in the United States. If they are kept inside from birth then they are used to it, and it has no impact on their health, in fact they are less prone to accidents and may end up living longer. In Australia it is also common for people to have cat cages in their back yards so that the cat can go outside but is still contained. http://www.catnip.com.au/

      • http://www.facebook.com/scott.mcloon Scott McLoon

        Don’t know where you go your information in regard to it being common in Australia for an out door cat cage, or what you consider “common” But i assure you the statistics are no where near as large as you insinuate using the word common.

    • Environmental

      Cage the bloody thing or keep it indoors. Gareth has a very realistic perspective take on what is a SERIOUS matter for New Zealand. If you were a bird breeder would you have a cat living in the bottom of the aviary? Well thats the gist of what is happening right now in NZ. If you want to pop your Kiwi saver funds elsewhere I dont think its going to make much difference to Gareth. I know he is the best organization to have my funds with and so do many others. I dont think too many are going to be martyrs and chop of their own noses to spite their face.

      • Sarah_Says

        I had indoor Persian 6mth kitten roaming freely indoors. I decided one day to let her have her ‘early’ dinner in our large breed Boxer dogs training cage – outside in the fresh air and sun. Well, an hour later i get a knock on the door from…… the SPCA complaining that my cat was in a cage. Why was it in a cage. Of course i explained why – yet she told me it should be free to roam outside (i said no, she is being neutered next week and i don’t want her pregnant), she then told me that i should sit outside with her – ummmm, i do work and have kids you know – and i then get an official verbal warning from her! FOR WHAT???? Being responsible & having my cat indoors (which she made me feel like crap for by the way, as if cats shouldn’t be inside all the time!) – by deciding, for once, to feed her outside in a large cage for an hour??
        Its just ridiculous!

    • Paul

      We had a cat 10 years ago and one neighbour came told me it was killing
      her goldfish. I found the cat cruelly playing with a dying fish on our
      front law one day. Turns out it was her last fish.The cat kept bringing
      home animals of kinds, after that…all dead and uneaten. Fortunately no
      native birds for the short time we had it(though you never really know
      what it’s killed).
      When the cat was run over (and killed instantly) I
      have to say I was greatly relieved. Problem was solved. Accept the poor
      lady died before I could replace her fish. It had truly left its mark on everyone.
      hindsight I should have been forced by law to restrict the cat from
      roaming and damaging both wildlife and other peoples property. How I
      would have restricted it (as it could jump 3 meters in single bound at
      least) would have been my problem to solve ..not some else’s…because it was my cat. I had brought it there.
      No one’s out touch here really. We all wondered how we would stop people smoking in pubs but it happened

    • http://www.facebook.com/matthewjamesthomson Matt Thomson

      I’m sure Gareth is rushing to retract all the above statements with a threat like that.

    • Michael

      Hey fool, if you cant keep your cat under control, shoot it. I would love to.

  • http://www.facebook.com/christine.lethaby.9 Christine Lethaby

    Now I understand where your coming from Gareth. I agree with you 100%. I was very surprised when I learnt some years ago about the TNR programme that the SPCA and other do-gooders have in the Auckland region. You are right in that it’s the ferals that are a problem to native wildlife. They do need to be humanely put to sleep if and when they are caught. Same for all of out country not just Auckland. Keep up the good work

  • http://www.facebook.com/clive.macann Clive Macann

    So funny Gopal Harlow.
    I don’t believe Gareth Morgan has any interest in Kiwisaver.
    Didn’t Kiwibank buy it last year?

    • http://garethsworld.com/ Geoff Simmons


  • Phil

    I agree Gareth. I have always wondered why it is OK for cats to crap in my gardens and pee outside around my house and kill birds I have encouraged into my gardens whereas I must take full responsibility for my German Shepherd and keep him under control at all times, clean up his poo’s and register him so the money from my registration can pay to catch owners of unregistered dogs. Why am I paying for that, get it off the unregistered owners!

    • http://www.facebook.com/liastrucich Lia Strucich

      Really? is cat crap in your gardens a real problem? I venture to say your German Shepherd would likely keep their presence in your yard a bare minimum levels. Unless he actually likes cats bc you obviously don’t seem to. Anyway, you people are mixing two issues here. TNR addresses feral or wild cat population. You and many other posters seem to be complaining about household cats which belong to neighbors. Not wild cats. Unless feral cat populations have reached epic proportions there, you likely would not see any. They are unapproachable for the most part and likely to live in areas like the woods or behind food stores coming out at night to feed in dumpsters, etc., While I agree in responsible ownership, and find it preferable to keep pet cats indoors, some cats are determined to get out. Bells can be put on their collars to help foil hunting success, and spay/neuter should be an absolute, I can’t imagine pets causing all the back-yard havoc being claimed here. I am a lover of ALL animals. I have a declawed, neutered, licensed, cat who despite my every effort and against my preference (I’m always worried he’ll get hit by a car or worse) he gets out. He will inevitably hide & dart out the second he gets a chance. When I would try and catch him, he would only stay away even longer knowing I would put him back inside. Now that I just let him be, he sticks around the property for the most part, and is in and out the house a hundred times a day. At night I call him and he comes running or if I’m out he’ll wait for my car to pull in and come running to come in. He stays in all night. There are several cats in my neighborhood I see on RARE OCCASION in my yard. If my cat is out & a strangers come in the yard they will fight. I have 2 terriers that I’m sure help deter other cats. I have seen mine hunt and catch bunnies, mice and a bird here or there, I have come out to my garden many a time to find my lettuce or beans gnawed away by rabbits. Given the numbers of them I see and knowing of probably only a fraction that my cat catches (esp. in spring) I would probably have no garden at all or have to fence it in with mesh & then they would still dig under. I never have rodents in my home. My community is a TNR supportive one. My point is I can’t imagine how many RABBITS would inhabit my neighborhood or that keeping a garden would even been worth the trouble, not to mention rodents – I’m certain bunnies and rodents crap in gardens too- they would be out of control.

      From the sounds of complaints here…your cat problem is akin to my bunny problem…which proves you would BENEFIT from a TNR program. I wish I could desex my bunny population. It might be tolerable and easier to coexist. But I think you people are blowing the impact from cats out of proportion. I haven’t heard any mention of rats, mice, bunny, weasel crap or pee being a problem…maybe your cats are doing their job. But one thing is certain…eliminate the cats and you WILL be dealing with a lot more crap…albeit not cat crap.

      • Environmental

        Yes actually. Cat crap was a problem in MY garden.

        Why the hell should I have to deal with an irresponsible persons pet shit in my garden?

        Every time I went to my vege garden I would find that a cat had been in there, destroying young seedlings, crapping up against mature plants, sleeping on the strawberries and generally wrecking havoc. Id even find my hand covered in cat crap when I was digging or planting. Disgusting.

        In the winter Id come home and park the car and within minutes there would be one or more cats sitting on the warm bonnet. In order to claim or ‘mark’ this position as their own the cats would spray on and around the windscreen resulting in bad smells when the fan or air conditioner was turned on and eventual rust of the metal parts.

        At night the cats would use the underside of my home as a boxing ring and a mating ground and would keep me awake.

        My property that was covered in mature fruit trees was totally devoid of bird life. The cats used to sit up the trees awaiting any feathered friend.

        The cats causing this problem were local pets as well as cats that were being being dumped locally.

        How is it right, fair or proper that I suffered the consequences of the irresponsible cat owners terrorizing my life at that time?

        The council would do nothing, they sympathized but there was no regulations or law governing the situation. They suggested I get a cat trap and deliver caught cats to the pound or the SPCA!! The pound would keep till collected by the owner then destroy if not collected. The SPCA would spey them and then try to re-home them at $180 each!!! Or they would keep them for years if necessary till re-homed at the cost (and waste) of all those well meaning donations made by people who expect the funds to be used wisely. (Imagine if those unsuspecting donators knew this fact. Imagine if they knew the salary of the CEO and the chairman who make the stupid decision to do so.)

        In the end the problem grew so bad I got a dog. A cat hating Blue Heeler. He was delighted to take on the job. (So many cats, so few recipes.) Such a shame I had to go to such great lengths but nothing else worked or would work without having to fence myself in or poisoning them.

        I registered my dog, made sure he was well fenced in so he didn’t get out and create havoc or bother other people. I took him to dog obedience, had him spayed, had a special kennel built for him as well as his own yard for when I was out. I took him out for walks daily and did all the things a RESPONSIBLE owner should do.

        Cats need to be governed in the same way. The day of reckoning is here. There are many many people in NZ who have suffered in the same way as I have and been shot down or rubbished when we tried to voice our despair. Gareth is speaking for us who say enough is enough. I applaud him for having the guts and courage to speak up about it. Perhaps the Govt will sit up and take notice now that someone with some influence has decided to speak up.

        (Funny you know, when my dog caught and maimed the neighbors cat under our caravan they complained to the council. They were told that perhaps they should stop their cat wandering onto other peoples property!!)

        • Guest

          Sounds like you have more of a problem with cats annoying you, rather than your concern for wildlife. The problem with GM’s proposal is that cat-haters have taken it up as a justification to kill cats. My cats are chipped, neutered and wear collars. I’m terrified that some crazy person is going to kill them and feel vindicated through the present debate.

          • Environmental

            Yes cats did annoy me. Did I forget to mention, or did you fail to read the bit where I said how the trees were totally devoid of birds. Ah yes, I forgot to mention that the trees are now humming with bird life and I now have a 2nd dog. I guess some of those cat haters are well justified cause no one has been listening to their plight for so many years.

          • Guest

            Yes, I did read that part. But I said *more* of a concern, as you mention about seven reasons you don’t like cats, only one of them being the lack of birds around your property.
            I’m going to stop visiting this sight now as the comments scare me . Using terms like ‘the day of reckoning is here’ borders on the fanatical.

            Enjoy your crusade.

  • Di

    Apparently one of the easiest ways to kill a feral cat is to leave a saucer of milk out with a dissolved asprin in it. Dont know if it works, have not tried it. We trap feral cats on our property and euthanase them humanely; if it were a pet (you can tell the difference by the reaction to humans) we would endeavour to find the owner along and deliver it with some stern words. Birdlife on our semi rural property has increase hugely.

    • http://garethsworld.com/ Geoff Simmons

      Thanks Di, no doubt you are careful to only euthanaise feral cats. Just to be clear we are not advocating vigilante killing of cats. Until all owned cats are registered, chipped and neutered it can be hard to tell, particularly in the city!

      • Di

        I understand. And as mentioned we trap so that we can check before we euthanase. Here in the country you can tell when it is feral as it is a scarey monster, tries to attack you through the cage. Also have a different uncared for look about them. Have a look at Puketi Forest Trust website, we trap all sorts up there, and have had tremendous success with birdlife.

        • rob b

          Anyone who leaves a saucer of poisoned milk in my suburb would find me feeding it back to them.

    • Environmental

      Equally effective is a saucer of antifreeze.

      • http://www.facebook.com/matthewjamesthomson Matt Thomson

        yeah bro! delicious AND deadly…

  • http://www.facebook.com/steve.seaver1 Steve Seaver

    Listening… but think a compromise maybe more practical. One thing is to limit how many cats can live at one property for a start! Many homes around me have five plus moggies. One’s okay if you have to have a cat.

    • http://garethsworld.com/ Geoff Simmons

      Thanks Steve, of course if we register cats then the expense will eventually put people off having too many!

  • Jono

    I have a house cat trained to stay inside it’s bounderies, he is neuterd and is quite happy to stay in at night but he is free to wander his courtyard. He is a mogie mix breed. But there are numerous breeds now where hunting instincts have been bred out. They are still active and playfull but no longer cruel killers.

    • Environmental

      Sorry you are wrong my friend. You will never breed out the killer instinct from a cat.

  • http://twitter.com/GarethHooton Gareth Hooton

    World Spay Day – Feb 26 – https://spaydayportal.humanesociety.org/

  • michelle

    But the stray cats are there because we as Humans failed them in the first place. If we looked after our animals PROPERLY , there would be no ferals/wild/stray cats. Many strays kill because they are starving .I am not going to debate cats killing birds etc, as they do, even my cats who are as lazy as hell and well feed, kill sparrows etc from time to time ON MY PROPERTY. Why not look at making sure people look after their animals in the first place instead of dumping them when they are no longer wanted or because people do not get them desexed. Well controlled cat colonies do not generally attract other cats unless they are dumped there. If they do, then the people running the colony will desex the cat and at least it is not running round desexed. The aim of many cat colonies is to let the cats die out naturally which they tend to do, with a much shorter life span than a house cat, as it is a hard life for a stray/colony cat, even if it has semi regular food and occassional vet care. In the colonies i have helped out at, all the populations have decreased over time. I would like to see the proof that they do not if they are well looked after and controlled.

    • http://garethsworld.com/ Geoff Simmons

      You are right that we need to look after our animals properly Michelle, this is why we need all owned cats to be registered, chipped and neutered so all owners can be held accountable. However we have stray and feral cats and soft headed notions of it not being the cat’s fault don’t stop our native wildlife getting slaughtered. No kitten born feral or stray is ‘at fault’, so should we let them all live? As they struggle to survive they exert a massive toll on our native wildlife. This requires action, not excuses and concerns for cat rights. This is NOT about depriving anyone of their right to have a companion pet, we are talking squarely about the rights to live of cats vs the rights to life of our native fauna, which we are trying to protect from extinction.

      Unfortunately the evidence shows that TNR fails – colonies generally grow. In fact new evidence we have from Auckland suggests stray cat populations have been rising for some time. The best references for the failures of TNR are below and we have a new page on this issue available on the website:

      Dauphine, N et al. Pick One: Outdoor Cats or
      Conservation. The Wildlife Professional, Spring 2011 pp 50-56.

      Lohr, C.A. et al.; Costs and Benefits of Trap-Neuter-Release and Euthanasia for Removal of Urban Cats in Oahu, Hawaii. Conservation Biology Article first published online: 25 Sep 2012 DOI: 10.1111/j.1523-1739.2012.01935.x

      Hawkins, C. C.; et al, Effect of house cats, being fed in parks, on California birds and rodents. Proceedings 4th International Urban Wildlife Symposium. Shaw et al., Eds. 2004

  • AB

    And what about dogs? Like the one that killed those kiwis? Or the sick person that killed that colony of nesting birds? The list of culprits goes on and on and am getting sick of people placing the blame on one species. Wake up people and do your own research instead of listening to someone who has NO experience working with animals. I do believe people should be more responsible with their cats and the FERAL (not household kitties) are a huge issue. So how about you stop targeting all cats? And, still waiting to see exactly where you obtained the research that proves cats are sadistic? (Because that is a trait animals are incapable of having)

    • http://garethsworld.com/ Geoff Simmons

      AB clearly you are just engaging now, as these issues have been already debated ad nauseum elsewhere. In summary other pests are controlled, even dogs are required to be registered and chipped and owners are responsible for their whereabouts. New Zealand has no restrictions on owning cats, which is bizarre given our delicate wildlife and ‘clean and green’ conservation ethic. We are asking that people look at the evidence and either choose to make this cat their last, and if they can’t bear the thought to take steps to be a responsible owner. Any unowned cat needs to go.

      • http://www.facebook.com/liastrucich Lia Strucich

        TNR is all about CONTROL. The issue here is conservation and wildlife. Pet cats are not a real threat to that effect. It is the WILD or FERAL cats that are negatively impacting the environment. This is purely because their numbers are too MANY. Not because they exist at all. TNR is a means to reduce the population and KEEP the numbers in check. To not recognize the benefit or their place in the BALANCE of NATURE is ludicrous. To eliminate them entirely by trapping and killing them all will cause more problems than you have now. The cats flourished to begin with because there obviously was a sufficient food source at one time. As the feral cat population grew that source declined. This led to the start of native species being killed in numbers that adversely affected their population. Leading to the environmental threat you complain of. Balance needs to be RESTORED. The only viable way to accomplish this is thru a supported TNR program. You are wrong about its failure. Here in the states it has successfully worked in many communities including my own. It has been met with as much resistance in some areas here like you are experiencing, But the proof is impossible to ignore. Once the program is operating in full mode, the population is immediately reduced by the sick and diseased being euthanized. The population further decreases as the old die and others fall prey to people like those here that poison or worse- some of you actually seem to brag and enjoy killing cats it sounds like- and others fall victim to other hazards or become prey themselves, and die off. The more aggressive the TNR program the quicker the colony reduces. In time a new comer here or there can only add to the population if there is another of the opposite sex and neither have been TNR’d yet. The population will become of a size and number which can support itself by culling the weak, old and sick cohabitants that coexist with out threatening to wipe out another species. That is called the food chain and each animal is important to maintaining the balance.. It is only when that balance is thrown off by too many or not enough of one species does the result threaten the whole.

        Someone else posted about construction or habitat destruction at the hand of man wiping out the skinks and other species. Realities like that may be what allowed the unbalance to begin. Man is more destructive and has eliminated more habitat and species native to areas by the thoughtless and ruthless greed in the pursuit of money and power raping the land for more strip malls and housing . Gobbling up every square inch they can to make a dime in quick construction without regard to the environment or the lasting impact of their ill-thought actions. Perhaps you should think about what they have done to your environment and native species. I’m certain it pales in comparison to any feral cat colony!! Or maybe your solution isn’t in TNR maybe it’s written in cement. Have your leaders put up another mall or townhouses where the feral colonies exist instead of where the skinks and other natives you have left live.

      • Environmental

        Well put Geoff

  • Greg

    Personally I am shocked that the SPCA has been doing this. It makes a mockery of their name, to be effectively signing a death warrant to our native wildlife by fuelling the population of predators. This must surely be illegal. I know if I were to let my dog go in the wild, I could be prosecuted. One of the arguments that has been used for keeping cats is that the hunting instinct has been bred out of them.So releasing these over-bred cats into the wild would also be an act of cruelness. The SPCA needs to look closely at their practices and euthanaise any unclaimed cats. Its the kindest solution. I am also an advocate of cat registration, and micro chipping. I would even go one step further, I believe all prospective cat and dog owners should be passing some sort of test as prospective pet carers. Clearly there are a lot of pets living in unsuitable conditions.

    • Environmental

      You might be surprised at the idiocy that runs rife through the ‘corporate’ side of the SPCA. These are not animals lovers like those volunteers on the ground. These are people placed in the office to MAKE MONEY for the organization.

  • http://www.facebook.com/scott.mcloon Scott McLoon

    If cats roaming in rural areas are removed from the chain feral pests of other sorts will increase do i need mention the amount of pest bird species that directly contribute to the lack of natives?, cats control these numbers. While placing banned cat owner areas around reserves or known habitat’s would be smart an entire phase out would cause more problem than good.
    As for your comment, One feral cat killed 102 endangered native short tail bats in a week, Read the following link


    There are exceptions to your so called fact’s.

    Cats have contributed to the extinction of 9 native bird species

    So have humans, i just watched as part of the Waitakere’s got torn to bits for housing development, there where native skink’s, birds and bats there, now its all cement, this would have killed more natives in one day than a block of domestic cat’s could in a year.

    I understand what you’re trying to do but you have gone the wrong way about it.

  • Anne

    s Gareth Morgan Prime Minister – giving orders that he ” Gareth Morgan” want the SPCA to dump TNR. If they do he ” Gareth Morgan” says he is going to donate. Sorry Gareth you may have made a bit of money through a lucky investment in your son’s company Trade Me. However an important lesson of the Universe is donations with no strings attached. My mother was what could have been called a passionate looked after of native birds for years and guess what pet

    • Simon

      Then your mother was a hypocrite!

  • Guest

    The Department of Conservation should fine the SPCA for releasing them into the wild.

    • http://www.facebook.com/matthewjamesthomson Matt Thomson


  • http://www.facebook.com/rbeckingsale Rochelle Beckingsale

    I am a cat owner and strongly disagree with putting an innocent cat down for no reason. Ok so they kill birds and other small creatures but they are not the only living thing to kill another living thing. You dont see humans getting put down for all the animals they kill to feed their families. This is the same thing as cats do the same thing to feed themselves and their families as well. Animals have been doing this for centuries and will continue to do so for many more to come. I agree with the SPCA about desexing your cats instead of killing them to cut down on the population. Killing an animal is like killing a human it is MURDER pure and simple.

    • http://www.facebook.com/nick.rumble Nick Rumble

      At end of the day what they are doing is Illegal, and more cruel than killing the cat. Its a lose, lose situation releasing them into the wild, of course they wont be able to bred but that does not take away their killing nature! I hope DOC sues the SPCA for every dead native species they find murdered by the cats paw!!

      • Paul

        ”Doc sues SPCA for knowingly killing native species with cats”

        I live for the day I see that headline in Auckland Herald. SPCA’s stance is reckless to the extreme and any judge would surely throw the lot of them in the clink till they woke up there ideas.

    • Environmental

      Its this sort of ignorant attitude that has allowed the cat population to explode to the dangerous point that its at now. WAKE UP and see the problem before getting on your sanctimonious high horse and adding your uninformed 2 cents

    • Paul

      “innocent cat”. Another oxymoron.

      Those two words don’t belong together at all. Your mixing sentiment with reality.
      Cats generally don’t kill to feed themselves. They’ve got you to do that for them. ”Here’s your jelly meat Puddy Tat…now off you go and do your worst”…I’ll pretend not to notice.
      They just kill everything for the sake of it because its in their nature.

    • http://www.facebook.com/matthewjamesthomson Matt Thomson

      Is that what you say to yourself while you’re eating a bucket of fried chicken and watching grey’s anatomy?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kem-Johnson/100001811404457 Kem Johnson

    I’ve lost count of the feral cats I’ve killed. One that had eaten three of our hens weighed in at 9kg. We’ve taken dozens at Lake Heron in our volunteer trapping programme. Might have helped a few crested grebes get to fledge. You never know.

    • http://www.facebook.com/liastrucich Lia Strucich

      Never had a rat attack any hens? Or any other animal aside from feral cats? Just curious

      • Environmental

        Rats usually eat the chook food. Not the birds. Perhaps they may take chickens when very young but very rarely.

  • http://www.facebook.com/liastrucich Lia Strucich

    This is utter ignorance. From where do you get your facts that TNR leads to “MORE STRAY CATS” …”Especially as people avoid the cost of neutering” – this makes no sense AT all. TNR doesn’t increase the feral cat population…People who don’t neuter their cats do…just as those that don’t neuter their dogs burden shelters and society when they form packs in the wild. Furthermore, TNR cats are vaccinated as well as neutered before released and the tip of the ear is snipped so they are easily identifiable.

    You mention other introduced species like the weasel, rats & mice…TNR cats can’t reproduce…they are vaccinated and any sick cats are euthanized. Unless they are doing TNR programs with the weasels, rats and mice…(highly unlikely)..duh, what do you think will happen with those populations when there are no cats (seems to be your mission – to eradicate them altogether) to regulate the rodent overpopulation? There will be a population explosion. Rodents are the biggest disease carriers there are. Remember the Bubonic Plague? Have you ever seen the havoc they can do to crops? There have been places plagued by mice and rats in biblical proportions…check it out and tell me they don’t pose a larger threat than any cat colony, never mind a TNR cat colony…

    Cats are not at the top of the food chain. There are larger predators that feed on them…fox, wolf, coyote, dingo, large raptors and owls…to name a few. It’s all about the balance of nature. Domestic, introduced, it doesn’t matter…..they are a part of our world now…Science has introduced creatures intended to help by eliminating or reducing one pest only to end up with a different more deadly offender as a result. Cane toads are just one example. You can not force ALL peoples to obey laws. If that were possible we would have no drugs, murders, shootings, robberies, etc., these are all against the law, yet crimes and offenses continue to occur. Despite jails and punishment. No law is going to STOP irresponsible people from neglecting to spay and neuter their cats. You will never eliminate every cat in the wild thereby eliminating new litters from being born. What you can do is TNR…One cat has the potential to reproduce and add hundreds possibly thousands of kittens into the world in it’s lifetime. Every TNR cat is one less able to do so…and one less able to fertilize an un-spayed female… at the same time vaccinating and releasing the healthy feral cats to keep the balance in nature that they provide. Whether you want to face the facts or not. TNR is a good thing and you need to SUPPORT YOUR ARGUMENT WITH FACTS rather than PERPETUATE MISINFORMATION AND LIES AND sway others equally as ignorant as you with this nonsense.

    The SPCA doe NOT release STRAY cats into the environment! That is UNTRUE & a deliberate spin on facts to represent something entirely different than reality.

    The reality is there is a difference between stray and feral. A neighbor’s cat, a domestic cat, strays…a feral is wild, as in UNdomesticated and lives in a colony of others. STRAY cats may or may not be neutered cats. That would depend from where or whom they/ve strayed. but strays are feral they’ve strayed not run away to join a colony.

    Cats that have STRAYED and that ARE picked up by animal control, SPCA, rescuers, etc., are brought to shelters and put up for adoption or to be claimed by their owners. Strays that HAVE BEEN PICKED UP by animal control, SPCA or rescuers, and brought to the shelter which are NOT reunited or adopted will LIKELY BE EUTHANIZED at some point in time. They are NEVER released and left to become wild or to fend for themselves in the wild.

    Strays that are NOT PICKED UP by animal control or rescuers, etc., and are not hit by cars, poisoned, killed by predators, or killed by heinous people in cruel ways, or hurt or killed in any other number of deadly hazards they encounter in the environment, will in time LIKELY RELY ON THEIR INSTINCT to survive and revert to the wild and form or join a colony.

    Left unchecked the colony could conceivably multiply exponentially over time, leading to starvation, illness, disease, and an imbalance in nature if the species is not kept in check by it’s predator or say….TNR.

    TNR cats are those who no longer possess the traits of a stray domesticated cat. They are FERAL.

    “feral” latin – from feminine of “ferus -wild: having escaped from domestication and become wild…”

    SPCA, rescuers or concerned and supportive citizens, trap and capture these “feral” or WILD (read: NOT STRAY) cats. They are then vaccinated, neutered and the tip of one ear is cut off so they can easily be identified and not targeted for trapping again. Only then, the SPCA or other agency, group or persons involved in TNR program, do they release “FERAL” OR “WILD” cats back into the colony or territory from which they were CAUGHT. Ear tipping allows the colony to be easily monitored for new arrivals or growth and the ability to distinguish by observation as to changes and/or need for further intervention. To suggest anyone is CREATING feral cat communities by releasing de-sexed strays that have not been claimed by owners is absurdity.

    Domestic cats do not interact with feral cats or colonies. Cats are extremely territorial animals….meaning they will stay with in their territory whether it be a colony or a neighborhood or a yard, that depends on the cat, but they will rarely stray without extenuating circumstances, or outside interference, causing them to otherwise flee their territory.

    Having a TNR program supported by the community, whether you like or dislike cats is irrelevant, is the ONLY way to manage population control and minimize the incidences to which the author of the original article complains as well as to keep rodent, weasel and other varmint populations in check. (mousetraps only trap mice once they’ve entered your home or premises.) Having nested in walls, foraged through cupboards and pantries, scurried along countertops and other surfaces, leaving their feces and carrying fleas and reproducing offspring for unknown extended periods before homeowner’s are even aware of their presence. Mousetraps, poisons, baits,etc., are ineffective as a means of population control. They are simply a means to eliminate or exterminate rodents that have invaded the home. You can not protect crops, chickens, farm feed stores, grocery warehouses, food processing facilities, etc., solely with mousetraps. Especially the increased numbers that would quickly exist sans feral cats.

    As for birds. The author does not give these creatures their due. Birds are quite intelligent and capable creatures. The also have wings and can fly. Cats can not. They quickly become aware of local resident (read:domestic) cats that may belong to your neighbors. You see -and this is not opinion, but hard core fact- domestic cats are territorial animals. They rarely stray outside of their territory unless threatened or frightened. This means, domestic (pet) cats will stay within a radius close to their home. They may become frequent visitors to the same bird feeders neighbors put in their yard, however, the birds who regularly feed there become alerted to their presence and will even alert each other through their bird calls to the cat in the area. Owners can also place bells on their cat’s collars as another means of warning the birds.

    If you are feeding birds in your yard, you owe it to the birds to be responsible and to place feeders high enough off the ground or in areas where cats can not sneak up or surprise the birds. Yes, I realize cats can climb trees, but as soon as the cat makes the jump for the trunk, never mind venture out onto the tree limb, the birds have sufficient time to fly to safety. Birds that fall prey to cats are usually the old or sick birds for the most part. Therefore, cats actually help to keep bird populations HEALTHY.

    This author needs to understand the inherent differences between feral and domestic cats and their behaviors, as well as the difference between stray and feral. It seems to me, she or he is biased against cats due to there independent spirit and instinctual habits & behaviors. He/she is also ignorant as to their vital role in nature and the maintaining of natural balance. She/he is demonizing and exaggerating the impact of feral AND domestic cats on the environment, and seems to be leading a personal crusade to exterminate and eliminate ANY and ALL outdoor presence of cats on the whole as well as focus SPCA efforts to control using a PROVEN, highly effective method as a means to achieve such, by advocating efforts be concentrated on catching and killing cats and the use of mousetraps in their absence to control rodents in the wild, the prosecution of cat owners who’s cat goes or get outside. Anyone who subscribes to her lunacy is just as ignorant, if not more so, than she/he.

    IF YOU CAN’T BE PART OF THE SOLUTION, DON’T BE PART OF THE PROBLEM. TNR is the ONLY viable and effective, viable, SOLUTION. But it can ONLY BE A SUCCESS IF THE COMMUNITY SUPPORTS it. Concerned citizens and groups need to be able to help with the trapping process without fear of prosecution for their efforts in order for the program to be successful. Don’t be so quick to discount it’s effectiveness. Don’t exterminate cats. If you happen to not like cats the more reason you should subscribe to the program. It is the only way to reduce their presence. Do your homework. Look at communities in other places or countries that have shown TNR to be successful. Model a program after one that has been effective. Extermination trying to achieve elimination doesn’t work, is virtually impossible, not practical and solves nothing.

    • http://www.facebook.com/matthewjamesthomson Matt Thomson

      Oh my life, what a rant of epic proportions. Cats actually help to keep bird populations healthy??? Are you completely mentally retarded??!!!

      Explain to me one thing. How can TNR NOT increase the feral cat population? Surely each cat released increases the population by precisely 1 cat? They are a sterile-feral. Thats all! Cats are the most idiotic pet any fool ever came up with.

      • http://www.facebook.com/liastrucich Lia Strucich

        The cat released was a cat initially trapped. No increase moron. And maybe you should revisit science class 101…Survival of the fittest. It is not a new concept. You are the retarded one. I can’t argue with stupid. As most of you clearly are too mentally challenged to grasp the concept of TNR. Like I said EXTERMINATE IGNORANCE THROUGH EDUCATION. EDUCATION BEING THE KEY WORD HERE!

        • http://www.facebook.com/matthewjamesthomson Matt Thomson

          maybe I’ll wander around your yard at night, eat your cat and shit on your broccolli?

        • Michael

          You have toxoplasmis too?

        • Shelley Cooke

          they still KILL.

      • Shelley Cooke

        I agree with all of that. Have you ever heard the saying “Dogs have masters, Cats have staff”
        The mentality of the cat dictates this. Some humans are stupid enough to accommodate them. And “Yes” sterile feral cats STILL KILL. GET REAL Lia.

    • Michael

      You are clearly an ignorant middle aged woman with toxoplasmis hence your madness.

  • lynchie

    if you cannot keep a pet on your property, don’t have a pet. if you willingly let it roam, don’t moan if a dog rips it to shreds, or someone has a go at it. i am using buckets of water at present but may resort to stronger tactics. i do not wants cats fighting and waking me, shitting in my pot plants, spraying urine, and entering buildings on my property. cats owners need to grow up. if i wanted a cat i would go and get one.

  • Denise

    A quote from Gareth Morgan on this website – “The
    returns are not just beautiful but there are also economic advantages as

    Ah so that’s what this is really all about then Gareth?
    Making more $$$$ ?

    You would be better to put your money towards the limited
    predator (e.g. rats, stoats etc) control schemes we do have and spend your
    weekends checking the stoat lines in our national parks (which is generally all
    volunteer work and funded through many small non-profit organisations).

    As a cat-owning family (our cats are neutered and wear
    collars with bells) we’ve spent time emptying and rebaiting stoat traps in our
    nearest national park which is the environment, with native trees that our native
    birds favour – not surburbia.

    • Paul

      cutting and pasting such a positive quote for your own cynical advantage is not very nice. Thought you must be a cat owner when I read it. That’s what so many do. Take a Holier-than-thou attitude.
      Trapping stoats is great….the less stoats the better….’stoats-to-go’…doesn’t even needed to be postulated to this discussion because it’s a given.They are terrible predators on NZ species, who have no defenses against them. But the moment someone owns a cat….its all quite different it seems. It becomes a matter of self interest. And how to protect that interest.

      The cat has contributed significantly to the extinction of 11 NZ bird species. It has possibly contributed to the extinction of 10 more. Ask the Lyall’s Wren.

      Stoats rank way down the list by comparison.
      At least we agree on predator trapping in National parks…but this issue has been raised because of most cat owners irresponsibility.

      Many people, myself included, find it offensive to have the neighbours cat in their garden, stalking and killing their wildlife, fighting other cats at night…We have no ability to address the problem on personal level let alone for the overall damage its doing to NZ native spp as a whole.
      Get off your high horse please and help!

      • Denise

        And what exactly are you doing to help? Spending time on the stoat lines or planting native trees? When we bought our property 18 years ago we had no trees and no birds. We’ve planted trees and now have birds. And we’ve had cats all that time.

        • Paul

          Gasp!. And what am I doing?
          Your question only seems to confirm what I asserted in the first place. ….the Holier-than-thou attitude.
          Good on you for what you’ve done though. But you may be surprised to learn you are not alone in your contributions to the environment.
          Because you’ve got cats and trees together and you’ve killed stoats the world should ‘butt out’…right?….as per Bob Kerridge’s statement.
          I couldn’t even begin to count the cats rats, possums weasels, and ferrets I’ve dispatched in my life and they still keep coming. But I don’t boast about it.
          The property we moved onto 20 years ago had one tree. Now it has maybe a hundred various natives.
          When Tui started coming back I asked the SPCA what I could do about the neighbours cats trying to kill the Tui, wayeye and fantail…and they said it wasnt their problem. Yet they continued to spread cats about the place.
          If a stoat came to the garden and tried to get Tui chicks in a nest ,I could kill it openly and the neighbours would cheer. If a cat tried kill the Tui chicks and I killed it ….the neighbours ,they would call the police.

          This is about the rights of people to protect the environment. The environment as a whole and along term view of sustainability.

          • Denise

            Paul you did ask me “Get off your high horse please and help!” Is it not fair to have asked you the same question?

          • Paul

            you can ask the question sure. We are both off our horses now.

            Mine was a Shetland Pony.

            I didn’t call you a dictator because I didn’t agree with you. I pointed out you seemed to believe you were above reproach because you had killed stoats and Gareth was a successful economist who must therefore have other nasty motives.
            You were trashing a debate for personal reasons it seems.. when it’s to do with a bigger picture than that.

          • Denise

            Well before you saddle up again Paul. I still do have doubts as to Gareth’s intentions or the way he goes about it. And I’m sure I’m not the only one – lol

      • Denise

        Oh and here’s another quote for you from this website ‘Arguably the greatest economic opportunity New Zealand has is the monetisation of its natural capital. I am writing this from Lanzhou, the most polluted city in the world where the natural environment has been totally ruined by a blatant disregard of the value of environmental capital. Citizens wear masks, many are dying from the impact of air pollution and smoking, and the wildlife is non-existent, the biodiversity severely compromised. People here look at what we have in New Zealand with intense envy. We are sitting on a goldmine.’

        • Paul

          “goldmine” meant in a metaphorical way Denise.

        • http://www.facebook.com/liastrucich Lia Strucich

          USA Today, the New York Times, NPR and just about everybody else have been reporting on a“study,” released in the journal Nature Communications, that claims startling new estimates for the number of prey captured each year by free-roaming and feral cats.

          The report, “The impact of free-ranging domestic cats on wildlife of the United States,” unfortunately relies on the agenda-driven analysis of its authors and is devoid of any critical assessment of source material or common-sense implications of its claims.

          This particular “study” was designed for one purpose and one purpose only: to directly attack non-lethal programs for outdoor cats and all who support them. It contains no new information and includes estimates from studies dating back 75 years.

          While the authors themselves dismiss some of these studies, they nevertheless proceed to use them, along with other source material mathematically extrapolated from the perceivedhunting habits of a dozen well-fed house cats. Seriously, that is the extent of some of the research that produced these numbers.

          The report claims, for example, that cats kill up to 3.7 billion birds. One has to ask why the only bird deaths that seem to matter are those that are — when combined with misrepresentation and bad math — attributed to cats.

          Where are the studies surrounding the annual number of birds killed by sport hunters, pest control or pollution? And, although there has been some work done regarding birds killed by wind turbines, cell phone towers and window strikes, this information lacks the concerted public opinion manipulation that is so evident in this “war on cats and all who love them.”

          The “concern” by academics towards the death of wildlife is equally suspect. According to the report, cats kill more than 12 billion small mammals per year — mostly mice, moles, squirrels and shrews. Such a figure would suggest that squirrels (not to mention mice and other rodents) are on the verge of extinction — obviously nonsense to anyone who lives near any city park.

          Where are the studies and scientific analysis surrounding the number of rodents killed by poisons intentionally set under kitchen sinks? What about those vicious and equally indefensible glue or mole traps? How about the millions of squirrels killed or maimed annually by hunters or children who gleefully discover their first BB gun under the Christmas tree?

          But there is a larger point here. You would think that cat advocates and wildlife biologists (sometimes one and the same person) should all want the same thing — to stabilize and reduce the numbers of stray and free-roaming cats across the country. The difference is in how to get there.

          Let’s face it. The authors and the anti-free-roaming cat contingent want stray and feral cats to be rounded up and killed, plain and simple. They want this in spite of the fact that this standard approach to controlling outdoor cat populations has been deemed cruel, cost-prohibitive, inefficient and generally unacceptable to the pet-loving public.

          In truth, no one actually knows how many free-roaming cats there are in this country, which makes it impossible — and frankly irresponsible — to pull a number out of the air and multiply it by a theoretical number of birds that the average cat supposedly kills each day. This is especially true when the number is derived in part from observing chubby house cats.

          Trap/neuter/return, or TNR, which the authors dismiss, is a proven and humane method for reducing the number of community cats. TNR involves trapping, neutering and releasing community cats back to their colonies. Sterile cats obviously can’t reproduce, and, over time, TNR reduces the number of free-roaming cats in the target colony.

          If the number of community cats continues to grow, it means that TNR is not being practiced as widely as it should be. Meanwhile, individuals, such as the report’s authors, keep recycling and repackaging the same discredited information.

          Let’s face it, scapegoating cats is a huge and, sadly, lucrative business. If even half the U.S. Fish and Wildlife’s energy and funding was geared toward spay/neuter and educational programs, this problem wouldn’t be an issue. But, that, of course, would result in a lot of well-connected, taxpayer-reliant academics being forced out of work.

          This latest misguided ”study” is nothing more than a calculated effort to block the universal endorsement of a sound, humane population management strategy for cats that has been successful in municipalities across the country.

          Francis Battista
          Best Friends Animal Society

      • Denise

        Yes I am cynical about Gareth Morgan’s motives (and my questions were directed towards him).Although I agree that feral cats are a problem, I’ve never liked dictators or bullies who use insults or derogatory comments to get their point across.
        Given your comments directed towards me, I think your horse is far higher than mine – lol

        • Paul

          I didn’t agree with Gareth funding ‘happy feet’ to the southern ocean. But I thought maybe at least there might be some science to gain somewhere. It seemed wrong to me to interfere with a natural straggling event when the species was under no immediate threat.

          So I disagreed with Gareth then too. (I even said so in the local paper.) But I believe we all disagree with each other at some point and at other times we agree. Its healthy to do so. His initiative to raise this important issue was well overdue. And I’m delighted he did. He has no motive other than an altruistic one. What has he to gain but a good outcome for NZ’s environment. He is outspoken and controversial, annoyingly so to some small minded people yes…but people who achieve things in life are this way. He is a philanthropist…giving money to charity….have you not heard of the Morgan foundation?? If you are suspicious of someone who puts all their cards on the table you are sadly misguided. I’m sure your not though.
          There is a thing in NZ where if someone speaks up …they get shot down. The’ tall poppy syndrome’ ..you know about it. That’s what this is. I don’t know Gareth myself but know most of this stuff he can’t answer to…it gets too personal. So others answer it..me included.
          Please put your bias aside and see what is relevant.

          Denise….I must ask you…..is not calling someone a ‘bully and dictator’ (as you have) …to get ‘your’ own point across the very thing you say you dislike?

          • Denise

            I actually have no idea why you are arguing with me in the first place.

          • Denise

            Is it because we own cats? Plant trees? Check stoat traps? Or have our own opinion?

          • Paul

            No its because..you are simply a more articulate Cat lobbyist. I’m trying open your eyes to the issue and not personalities. Most Ive encountered…who have launched into me I can tell you….just swear and hate and laugh and insult and then get deleted by the moderator before you can answer due to their language

          • Denise

            An articulate cat lobbyist – lol. Never been called that before. We own two cats (one an elderly inside cat). I really do appreciate your efforts trying to ‘open my eyes’ and I do understand the problem. As I’ve mentioned, I agree feral cats are a problem (along with other predators). I was merely trying to point out that you can keep cats in a responsible manner (e.g. de-sexing and putting bells on their collars as Gareth Morgan has suggested) and you can also volunteer time to check stoat traps.
            If you are looking for arguments I suggest you visit Gareth Morgan’s facebook page https://www.facebook.com/garethmorgannz or http://www.fishnhunt.co.nz/forum/YaBB.cgi?num=1350867027/15

          • Paul


            Please to meet you Denise. My name is Paul :)

          • Denise

            Nice to meet you too Paul – lol

          • Paul

            ps; I don’t wish for arguments. the word itself seems vulgar.

            I just am broken hearted really to seen what cats have done.

            I’ll look at those links


          • http://www.facebook.com/matthewjamesthomson Matt Thomson

            anyone who believes a bell stops a cat killing is deluded, completely; http://www.telegraph.co.uk/lifestyle/pets/7782632/Change-your-cats-bell-to-save-birds.html

          • Paul

            Opinion isn’t really worth when a tin of cat food when people are unable to be defend it. I think that’s the new Zeitgeist.
            Before I leave your life forever …you asked me ”why are we having this conversation”.
            It is unacceptable to me for someone to make a public statement and feel….because that’s what they think it must be valid.
            Ive listened and learned so much from people on this site. You should too.

          • Denise

            I have Paul and from other sources too. Now I must leave this website to grow food for your plate, check stoat lines and feed our cats :)

          • Paul

            we’re self sufficient in food thanks lol
            But good on you with the stoats…smokem out!

          • http://www.facebook.com/matthewjamesthomson Matt Thomson

            bit like being a climate change campaigner and driving a hummer isn’t it?

          • Paul

            I never felt I was arguing by the way. Debating maybe.You put out a public statement!! I answered it because I doubt Gareth would ..given it was insulting to him.
            The way I spoke to you, was to put us both on level ground. Its an important issue and your statement was just more ‘butt out Gareth’ and that is arrogant and should be challenged.

        • http://www.facebook.com/liastrucich Lia Strucich

          Denise… you are right on! Glad to see someone of intelligence actually posting comment. You can’t argue with stupid though. This is CLEARLY obvious here.

          • http://www.facebook.com/matthewjamesthomson Matt Thomson

            The only thing thats CLEARLY obvious is there are 2 deluded, ranty old cat ladies adrift in a sea of rational and reasonable thought.

    • http://www.facebook.com/matthewjamesthomson Matt Thomson

      why do you think there are no native bird in suburbia there smarty-pants?

  • http://www.facebook.com/sharon.richards.9 Sharon Richards

    Let’s remember the hard work of New Zealand Bird Rescue Charitable Trust who rehabilitate and release thousands of birds every year brought to them by members of the public (including the SPCA). They don’t receive money from SPCA or get government funding and rely on volunteers and sponsorship. At the moment they are getting 30 – 40 new birds every day. Many are victims of cat attacks. https://www.facebook.com/NZBRCT or http://birdrescue.org.nz/

    • http://www.facebook.com/matthewjamesthomson Matt Thomson

      If these guys recieved half the money the SPCA does there would possibly be no naitve bird decline in NZ.

  • Spider willow

    I don’t hate cats either but i would like to see some requirements in place to ensure that their impact on the little creatures and the native bird life is minimised.

  • Stephanie Chilcott

    The money quote from the article in the NY Times, 30 Jan 2013 is this –
    “domestic cats in the United States — both the pet Fluffies that spend
    part of the day outdoors and the unnamed strays and ferals that never
    leave it — kill a median of 2.4 billion birds and 12.3 billion mammals a
    year, most of them native mammals like shrews, chipmunks and voles
    rather than introduced pests like the Norway rat”
    That Cuddly Kitty of Yours Is a Killer

    Domestic cats in the United States kill billions of birds and mammals a year, according to a new report.

    • http://www.facebook.com/liastrucich Lia Strucich

      The report, “The impact of free-ranging domestic cats on wildlife of the United States,” UNFORTUNATELY RELIES ON THE AGENDA-DRIVEN ANALYSIS OF ITS AUTHORS AND IS DEVOID OF ANY CRITICAL ASSESSMENT OF SOURCE MATERIAL or common-sense implications of its claims.






      Where are the studies and scientific analysis surrounding the number of rodents killed by poisons intentionally set under kitchen sinks? What about those vicious and equally indefensible glue or mole traps? How about the millions of squirrels killed or maimed annually by hunters or children who gleefully discover their first BB gun under the Christmas tree?


      Let’s face it. The authors and the anti-free-roaming cat contingent want stray and feral cats to be rounded up and killed, plain and simple. They want this in spite of the fact that this standard approach to controlling outdoor cat populations has been deemed cruel, cost-prohibitive, inefficient and generally unacceptable to the pet-loving public.




      Let’s face it, SCAPEGOATING CATS IS A HUGE AND, SADLY, LUCRATIVE BUSINESS. IF EVEN HALF THE U.S. FISH AND WILDLIFE’S ENERGY AND FUNDING WAS GEARED TOWARD SPAY/NEUTER AND EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS, THIS PROBLEM WOULDN’T BE AN ISSUE. BUT, that, of course, would result in a lot of well-connected, taxpayer-reliant academics being forced out of work.


      Francis Battista
      Best Friends Animal Society

      • Stephanie Chilcott

        Please watch your Caps Lock, as I do not appreciate your reply shouting as loudly as you have. There is nothing misguided about any information in my post, and particularly in any article in the NY Times. Their fact checking process undertaken before any publication is what has made it reputable source of facts. The study is by no means misguided, and it would be better if you, as a co-founder of an animal society paid attention to the facts.

        I would also like to remind New Zealanders of the Australian laws and their implementation over some time. You can keep cats, and indoors, and they thrive.

      • Shelley Cooke

        Even neutered or spayed cats kill AND they live for up to 10 years. You are the deluded one,sorry. KEEP CATS INSIDE and feed them processed food.

  • Noel Hyde

    I had a cat as a kid and loved it like all kids do but as I
    got older and my conservation interests grew I knew I’d never replace it. Now
    as an informed adult with a strong interest in wildlife especially birds, I
    have a zero tolerance to feral cats on my side of the fence and trap, shoot and
    dispose of them at every opportunity. The acceptance by the SPCA and cat owners
    that cats can roam freely onto other people’s property, kill the wildlife they
    want to protect, and defaecate in their gardens is outrageous. So sorry, they’re
    not allowed on my patch.

    • Paul

      Cant agree with you more. It is an outrage SPCA spread cats around while other people trying to protect native species have no real legal rights to declare their property cat fee zones. All people can do is catch and kill cats discretely if they have the courage. I think most people are too afraid of repercussions from militant ‘cat lovers’ with lynch mob mentalities …so just put up with the mayhem.

      • Sarah_Says

        Yes – you are going to have to do it discretely because the come back is too high. I have a 6mth Persian – she is a indoor cat – I do not let her outside & will not at all. I decided today, to feed her dinner outside in a large cage that I used to crate train my large Boxer dog. She had her food – and was only outside, in the shade for an hour. Next thing I have a knock at the door and ‘hello – i am blah blah from the SPCA and want to know why your cat is in a cage on your property!!! Ummmm – WTF! I of course, explained why – as above, nice day – she proceeded to tell me that the cage was ‘too small’ – yet large enough for my large breed Boxer dog to be in?! – and should not be in the cage?! She said it should be running around free in the yard – i said no, its not – its a Persian, its kept indoors – and shes only 6mths old and being neutered next week – so not thanks, i don’t want her out playing ‘hookie’ with some other feral cat and coming back pregnant!! NO!
        I then get made to feel like the worst pet owner in the world for keeping her ‘indoors’ – like its some bad, bad thing to do!
        She then wrote down ALL my information and told me that i have been given a verbal warning!!! UMMM for what??? Feeding my cat in a large cage for an hour? WTF?
        SPCA are a true law unto themselves these days. I am a diligent, caring pet owner – who keeps my cat indoors and cleans up after it…… and i now have a verbal warning against my name? I have researched into how to make a complaint – of course can’t find advise on this at all!?
        I agree that cats are destructive – hense why i do keep my girl inside – and we do need to address the issues with the feral cats, and as we have laws for dog owners, so to needs to be laws for cat owners. I would happily abide by these laws if i wished to own a cat. I don’t see how these ‘cat owners’ are carrying on like we are ‘personally attacking them’ – but they need to wake up and realise just how much destruction one little kitty can do!

    • Xavier Payne

      Noel, you touch on a very important point. A love for wildlife and a desire to protect and preserve all native creatures reflects a maturity that should ideally manifest itself as we grow and develop as people. It obviously has in your case. On the other hand, it is a sign of stunted personal growth when someone, for example, makes their ‘love’ of killer pusspuss a higher priority than the wider good of the country’s wildlife. Turning one’s cat and feces and noise loose on everyone else is also a sign that basic consideration and manners has not developed in a person. Being conservation minded also reflects a type of intellectual growth, away from small-minded ‘convergent’ perspectives and toward broader ‘divergent’ ones that enable a person to comprehend solutions that pay dividends on a wide environmental and social scale. It is also a matter of character development, part of which is the strength of character it takes to sacrifice in the service of the greater good. Let’s face it, in asking a cat owner to keep their cat or cats inside at all times for the sake of our wildlife (and the health and peace of mind of their neighbors), for instance, that undoubtedly entails a bit of sacrifice or at least conscious ongoing effort on their part. We are relying on that person’s ability to perceive the value of that sacrifice, as well as having the personal and intellectual substance to put that into action. As for the SPCA, it is an archaic and dangerous organisation that wreaks of immaturity and a lack of useful intelligence.

      • Noel Hyde

        Totally agree with you Xavier and Paul. The SPCA have abdicated all moral and social responsibility for New Zealand’s wildlife in favour of not using euthanasa as a management option. Hence we have their nationwide “Free Feline Fridays” where cats/kittens are given away like lollies and their support of “stray cat colony’s. They have lost sight of their original mandate but I suspect all this has a lot to do with the aged demographic of NZ’rs that potentially support them.

    • Sarah_Says

      But wouldn’t you be prosecuted if ‘caught’ by the spca? – as per the NP man who was doing the exact same thing & was dobbed in by a ‘friend’ and was given 275 community service hours for his ’4 animal abuse charge’! Ridiculous since they are all feral cats that were trespassing on his property! We are allowed to shoot dogs that trespass on others properties – so why not cats???

  • Kandy

    This morning as I drove to the car park at the bottom of the Ohakune mountain road, I saw three feral cats trotting off into the bush.. Well it was breakfast time.

    • Xavier Payne

      This morning I witnessed a local domestic cat attacking a beautiful young song thrush. I scared off the cat but the song thrush had one of its eyes hanging out of one of its eye socket. I tried to pick it up so I could take it to the Animal and Bird Hospital here in Christchurch but with difficulty it flew off, hitting fences and sides of houses due to its eye damage. It was a heart-breaking sight and also one that infuriated me, but this sort of thing gets repeated over and over and over again here in The Cat City. It’s beyond me how any emotionally and intellectually intact person can argue against strict controls on cats, and beyond me why the Christchurch City Council has remained brain dead on the subject.

  • Andrew Thompson-Davies

    You may have already seen this – but I think it adds a little humour to the debate – from one of my favourite comics: http://theoatmeal.com/comics/cats_actually_kill

  • jane hamilton

    I have to pay $55p.a. to register my dog (microchipping mandatory) and she doesn’t carry dangerous toxoplasmosis (cause of dementia)
    I can’t see why cats aren’t subject to the same rigorous kind of controls. I do have a cat, he has been a bad influence on my cosmos and he’s definitely the last of his line. Cats are weird, really; good call, Mr Morgan!

    • Xavier Payne

      Thanks, Jane, for the fine point you make about the dangerous double standard for cats. It is completely insane that they are not subject to the same controls as dogs. It doesn’t surprise me that your cat has been a bad influence on your spiritual or ‘cosmic’ well-being, which is something we don’t hear enough about from disillusioned cat owners. As you say, cats are really WIERD. More than that, they are sadistic serial killers that are acting like a cancer to the wildlife of our country, not to mention driving us mad with their feces, noise, and invasion of our privacy. For the greater good, they must GO and the sooner the better. I take my hat off to you, Jane.

      • rob b

        Just wow. Drink much moon shine? Cat’s are weird and affect your cosmic well-being? I could say birds are strange then by that standard or geckos or anything else that moves around on its own free will. By your standards birds should go because of “feces” and noises and invasion of privacy.

        Maybe birds are serial killers if you ask the worms. As for cat controls I guess the main reason there isn’t the same requirements for cats is simply they aren’t likely to trot down the road and attack someone walking by.

    • rob b

      Actually dog feces can easily contain toxoplasmosis as can many uncooked meats so don’t be so sure there’s probably quite a few cross species diseases and parasites we might not even know about so good hygiene is important.

      I would agree with microchipping being mandatory its part of being a good owner if you care about your pet surely you’d want its safe return if it ever got lost?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Laurence-Hill/774089893 Laurence Hill

    Morgan is trying to justify his claims by using numbers from research done in the USA thus nullifying his argument, learn to do things properly Morgan! Have to love now he is basically blackmailing the SPCA, 13 pieces of prey per year on average, but according to Morgan that equates to 100s of millions of birds? get real, you are an economist you must know math! His figures are flawed as for people having rats and mice under control, that is a complete and utter nonsense, New Zealand research has shown that when the cat population is removed bird go as well because there is no-one to keep all the predators in check (eg. Rats). Keep in mind that this is the same man who promotes the use of 1080 a cruel poison which kills slowly and does so without discrimination, his 1080 is as responsible for the death of native birds than cats are!

    • Paul

      1080 has been shown to be a very effective poison in the NZ situation. It kills targeted species and leaves little residue in waterways. If you wish refer to ‘cruel slow death’ …just watch how a mouse suffers at the hands of your beloved kitty.
      Predatory mammals were introduced to NZ to control rabbits, mice and rats with disastrous consequences for native wildlife. Arguing that such an introduction is still justified given the harm it has done is plainly wrong.
      Attacking personalities in this debate is yet more proof of the desperate campaign cat lobbyists are launching.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Laurence-Hill/774089893 Laurence Hill

        1080 is proven to destroy everything from dogs to cats to mice and also birds, worse still despite claims it is biodegradable in actuality it is not, it gets into the water and causes issues with that. Morgans numbers are flawed, we need real science not some random economists opinion. Your sincerely a pathetic and unsophisticated Phoenix fan!

        • Paul

          The only Phoenix I believe in, is the one who rose from the ashes. A real clever trick. Like a cat controlled NZ would be.

          My own dog nearly ate 1080 (that wasn’t sign posted) on a farm where I lived a decade ago. I was furious with the pest destruction board for not saying it was there as I too knew all too well how dangerous it was, esp to dogs. I’m not deluded, just quoting from Doc itself who had independent research done which showed no harmful environmental effects long term.

          It kills native robins for example….but the robins are almost certainly doomed if the poison isn’t laid either and so its a dilemma for people. Same goes for Cat control. Removing/controlling cats from roaming may have some unforeseen outcomes but it doesn’t mean they can be allowed to continue in the destructive way they do.
          Leave cats alone and all you will have is cats.

        • http://www.facebook.com/matthewjamesthomson Matt Thomson

          If you ever feel like not being an ignorant fool. Read this HUGE review of 1080 operations, and see that you are totally and utterly wrong. http://www.nzes.org.nz/nzje/new_issues/NZJEcol35_1_21.pdf

  • Allan

    Get a life Morgan. How dare you threaten the lives of my 2 moggies. All that your idiotic, moronic views have done is given those who are not cat lovers or animal lovers an excuse to go and kill much loved pets knowing that there is someone who is supposedly intelligent who is in favour of their actions. Where to next, mankind has exterminated more species than cats ever will, do you support getting rid of those who people who wantonly kill??? My contempt for you and your actionknows no bounds.

    • Paul

      I suspect some would argue the ‘moronic views’ are actually on your side of the debate, and that you only confirm that point of view when you write your sadly deluded and hateful speech.
      No one says kill your moggy; Where on earth did you get that from???
      …though if I was your moggy I would be tempted to leave home right now…….and roam about killing native wildlife with total freedom…with no one no one able to stop me. And guess what I would be just killing for the sake of it too.

      You seem to feel that is a good idea. Many people don’t agree with you..get used to it!

      Put your Morgan envy away and listen to the facts in future.

  • Denise

    I don’t like to see birds being eaten or our native species disappear. And I’m sure many of the cat owners who have visited this site and been bitten by the website watchdogs don’t either. But the key is education not an iron rod ruler approach (that is in my humble opinion and I don’t have a ‘holier-than-thou’ attitude just because I own two neutered cats that go ‘ding dong’ every time they move -
    Hi Paul :)
    Obviously domestic and feral cats running around causing destruction to wildlife and crapping on vegetable gardens is a problem – Hi Matt Thomson – guess your broccoli isn’t too tasty :).
    And some of the points Gareth Morgan has put across regarding council regulations are good ideas to address part of this problem.
    Feral cats in our area are dealt with humanely (with a shotgun) when local farmers have regular evening ‘clean-ups’ of rabbits, hares, possums. It’s not pleasant but it is a reality as numbers are out of control.
    I still own two cats (one elderly that has been an inside cat for many years) and thanks to the advice on this website, I am endeavouring to accustom the second cat to a life inside. I also own three Labradors, I like birds and I like to spend time checking and rebaiting stoatlines (not boasting at all just trying to get the point across that there are ways that people living in cities can help in a practical way rather than a war with words on a website).
    I’m not a ranty old cat lady just because I care about a lot of things – hi again Matt Thomson. But if this combination makes me a barking mad, bird-brained, greenie, cat lady – too bad. I’m just me doing what I can to care about a number of different issues.
    Oh and I don’t have any ‘Morgan envy’. The size of a person’s bank account doesn’t impress me.
    Now I guess I just wait to see who has finished their bone first and is ready to pounce on me for being me. But I’ve got a few possums to skin first.

    • Paul

      Hi Denise ;its not the size of the bank account but what they do with it that matters, isn’t it? lol
      a shot gun as treatment for feral cats is a very humane and effective medicine. ‘Cats to go’ awards you 10 points for that. Need more ‘kiwis’ like you though -doing their bit for conservation :) Unfortunately not enough.
      I think the real essence of this debate is the rather sad reality that most people can just go get a cat from Bob Kerridge’s cat factory(formerly the SPCA)…offer it jellymeat and milk and send it out into the gardens of their neighbourhood and adjoining parks and reserves to breed and fight with strays whilst killing and destroying what ever they find in the path (as they do). With no restrictions..no controls placed upon them. It is plainly wrong.

  • Paul

    The fact that the SPCA releases cats into situations knowing they may possibly kill native wildlife is possibly a breach of the wildlife protection act of 1953.

    This act protects species from being hunted and killed and in section 2. INTERPRETATIONS; HUNT and KILL are defined thus;

    hunt or kill, in
    relation to any wildlife, includes the hunting, killing, taking,
    trapping, or capturing of any wildlife by any means; and also includes
    pursuing, disturbing, or molesting any wildlife, taking or using a
    firearm, dog, or like method to hunt or kill wildlife, whether this
    results in killing or capturing or not; and also includes every attempt
    to hunt or kill wildlife and every act of assistance of any other person
    to hunt or kill wildlife.

    SPCA in a recent interview stated “cats do what cats do” in answer to the claims of them killing native wildlife and in that full knowledge may be unlawfully releasing cats under the definition of ‘hunt and kill’ pertaining to protected species.

    • Noel Hyde

      You raise a very interesting point Paul, would love to see what a good lawyer would/could make of this interpretation.

      • Paul

        The 1953 act groups together dogs, cats, ferrets and stoats for example and describes them as ‘wildlife not protected’.
        And the SPCA has stated that many NZers see cats as family members, companions in a similar way to how dog owners view their pets. So it would be very hard for SPCA to back track and say this was not so. But putting this aside…the act clearly states its about “hunting, killing, taking, trapping, or capturing of any wildlife by ANY means”
        So if one is consciously aware of the threat to native species posed by the release of a cat for example(as SPCA have acknowledged) then one must surely be committing an offense under the wildlife protection act even if the cat only disturbs the native species , let alone kills it. If true which it seems to be…it would presumably also apply to domestic cat owners and they too may be committing an offense by releasing the cat into a garden where protected species exist.

        I have recently written to Doc for clarification on this point .

    • Xavier Payne

      Without doubt, the SPCA has been operating outside of, and beyond, the law. They have become a law unto themselves and no one seems to question it. It’s about time we do so let’s look into this. I spoke to an environmental lawyer about a year ago trying to get my head around the immunity from prosection of cat owners (for killing ‘fully protected’ native birds, defecating, trespassing, noise pollution, disease spreading, etc etc) and various other anomolies of the law. By the way, doesn’t a cat defecting its backside off anywhere and everywhere consitute a health risk (where is the Dept. of Health on this issue?) I mean, if we did what cats do, we’d be behind bars. He seemed as confused as everyone else in saying that most of the legal questions about cat predation, the responsibility of owners, the SPCA’s destructive role, etc, have not yet been tested in court. Cats are like loaded guns with four legs. I’m continually bewildered that the ‘gun’ owners are above the law for the daily murdering, crapping, and nuisance on the part of their cats. Speaking of the reckless and arrogant SPCA and their readiness to pounce on anyone trying to save wildlife from cats, I’m attaching a link to a recent court case here in NZ that bothers me. Have a look at it Paul and Noel, and tell me if you think that the ‘criminal’ in this case was actually breaking the law in any way. On the surface, it strikes me like a serious miscarriage of justice, and one that should see the ‘criminal’ receive compensation for the penalty imposed on him. I’ll try to contact his defense lawyer in New Plymouth to get some clarification. Here’s the link:

      • Paul

        re; the link. I remember that case in the news. It was more shocking given that there is no crime in killing a cat as such and maybe the issue was seen as a cruelty one by the judge. The guy should have been more discrete I guess…..esp given the climate of sentimentality that has been created around Felines. But maybe drowning is a cruel way to die and had he just shot the cats the story might have been quite different

        Xavier; I think a number of people in SPCA are not happy with Bob’s view of evolution in NZ….and the way he has been so rude and provocative and now see him as past tense….as old wood that should be cut out so to speak.(Ive spoken to three such people so far..and recently) Cats being able to overwhelm native spp as Bob wishes …”cats must do what they must do”…is not acceptable and I’m sure the winds of change are upon us.

  • Jayne

    I’d like to respond to comments on here about Cats.I have a BIG Cat Aviary (built as a kit-set) alongside one part of my property only, which I rent. This is the 3rd property we have lived in since we built it. We built it to keep our Burmese and Siamese cats SAFE (we have 4 altogether ranging in different ages). After losing a few cats to RTA’s (road traffic accidents) and vicious dog attacks from neigbours dogs, we decided to “get tough”. At least now when we lose a beloved feline friend, it is through “natural causes” not from dog attacks, RTA’s or worse still killed by nasty humans! I HATE Gareth Morgan, but have to agree that he does have a point about cat owners being more responsible for their pets. If nothing else, ALL cats should be microchipped and KEPT INSIDE AT NIGHT – as this is when they do most of their hunting!! Its time Kiwis changed their mindset about cats – they CAN be controlled in a similar way to dogs – its just takes MORE time and thought!! Also, if you house-rear them from a kitten, they know nothing else but being “confined”. My cats LOVE being outside in the sunshine – they still bring in pests though, like moths, noisy cicadas that chirp away, bettle-bugs etc. I can’t stop the insects from getting through the Cat Aviary wire, but at least we still have plenty of birds in my yard, which crap all over my car right after I’ve cleaned it, crap on my footpaths etc. I HATE my neigbours NOISY dogs that BARK ALL DAY LONG while their owners are out at work and worse even bark at night time, but their owners can’t be bothered doing anything about it. The Council needs to clamp down on this annoying behaviour too!!

    • Paul

      you make the point that many people with all kinds of animals are not the best pet owners to have living next door. At least with a constantly barking dog you can take action….get proof and animal control will act on it. Same if it isn’t kept on a property. One can get an infringement notice sent.
      Many NZ’ers feel it a ‘right of passage’ thing to get a cat from the local pet shop or SPCA…..feed it some meaty-bites and then dump it outside every night where it has to fight for survival against other cats/dogs. Worse still….the cat is almost certainly going to hunt anything it can ,despite having a full tummy. And many of its victims will be defenseless native creatures.

      Unlike the noisy dog next door…there is nothing any neighbour can do about this if they find it unacceptable.

      It is plainly wrong and hopefully change will come about from this current debate.
      Ive known many cat breeders locally and found them all to be responsible pet owners, but sadly they are a minority amongst the million or so cat ‘owners in NZ.
      You make good points from the perspective of a pro cat person if I can say that. Most comments from your side of the debate are hideous and offer nothing.
      The ‘hating Gareth’ thing….well …………that is odd.
      I don’t believe you do because you came here and got a chance to say how you felt…..aye.

      • Jayne

        Paul, you are misguided and have obviously not read my post properly. You’re obviously not a Cat-Lover either, like a lot of Kiwi men I come across. As a a cat-lover and responsible owner, I confine my cays 24/7 for their safety and my peace of mind. So tell me, how can that be hideous? As someone who has previously showed cats and encountered many people from different walks of life, I’ve heard ALL the heartbreak stories from these people about the ill-fate of their furry feline friends. ALL this would be TOTALLY PREVENTED if Cat Owners took MORE responsibility as Gareth Morgan has suggested and kept their cats confined (especially at night) as they do in various parts of Australia and the USA. As a responsible Cat Owner, I DON’T let my cats roam around all day and then throw them outside at night, like most other New Zealanders do. That’s the trouble with New Zealanders – its our psyche about cats which is the main problem here – that perception that they “can’t be confined” which is bulls**t! I’ve been doing it for several years now and wouldn’t have it any other way. People are just too damn lazy to clean litter boxes out every day like I do, so they just let their cats roam around 24/7 cuz its easy. Last I heard, NZL is a “free country” so if I want to “hate” Gareth Morgan I WILLI! I checked out his page out of curiousity, which is my free choice as I can see where he’s coming from – it’s just too bad if you don’t like it! Personally, I’m just getting sick and bloody tired of the “Cat-Hating” Brigade in this country that seem to have a VERY LOUD voice! Not all of us love birds, who offer ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in Companionship the way cats can. Gareth Morgan is just a Rich Prick who thinks he’s the source of all knowledge. Someone should bloody well “confine” him and get him OUT OF THE NEWS MEDIA!!

        • Paul

          Jayne, I’m sorry I had read your post properly…and understood what you were saying and thought it a valuable contribution. ‘Unlike’ most people who post here. I wasn’t haven’t a go at you when I said ‘from your side of the debate” I was merely pointing out how refreshing it was to have someone who was ‘pro-cat’ being rational. That someone being you.

          I’m not a cat lover ,true …but nor am I a cat hater.
          Cats are stunning animals…beautifully evolved predators…but ones that don’t belong in NZ in my view…that’s all. Ive had cats as pets in the past and have seen what destruction they bring to the world if not controlled. Ive also worked in the area of conservation all my life and seen first hand how formidable a predator they can be on our wildlife who can offer them no defense.

          So in terms of wanting people to be more responsible pet owners…like you…we are on the same page. If someone wants cat for companionship and cuddles…fine. Just wish they would look after it better and keep it inside.

          But I must say, your last paragraph is unnecessary vitriol …and its difficult for me not to want to verbally slam you for it. But I wont. First of all, there is no cat hating Brigade here. How on earth do you draw that conclusion?? This is all about conserving our natural history…and what is left of it. Just because someone advocates for cat control does not make them any more an animal hater than someone advocating for dog laws.
          And on your last sentence; What are you saying …you don’t like someone because you believe they have more wealth than you? That’s daft.
          Didn’t he give a fortune to a foundation for the benefit of the many. Tell me what you have done for New Zealanders that betters that? And the media thing…that’s just how people speak out when they have something worth saying. What our ANZACs fought for. What my grandparents fought for. Freedom of speech. Dont trash that ….celebrate it!