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ERADICAT – Australian attitudes towards Cats

The Cats the To Go campaign has touched people in many countries around the world. In particular it has sparked massive debate in Australia, where the Australian Geographic has covered it ( ) and now SBS’s Insight program has featured an open debate for an hour on the topic of cat control and the effect […]

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TV1 Spotlights Edric

Last night Close Up did a spot on Edric Baker’s incredible work amongst the poor and infirm of Bangladesh.  His hospital, providing care for the poor by the poor is unique and has stood the test of time – 33 years he’s been at it. Now our challenge is to organize his succession but also […]

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My views on the 2012 budget

Video Transcript Interviewer: Gareth, the government’s budget is coming up on 24th May and they’ve said it will be their second consecutive budget with no new spending. Is there an argument in times like this for the government to actually be spending more, not less? (more…)

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Gareth and Bernard Hickey on The Big Kahuna

Gareth Morgan, Director of Gareth Morgan Investment, and Bernard Hickey, Editor at Comments available at Video Transcript: Bernard: Hello, I’m Bernard Hickey from, and welcome to another in our series of Double Shot Interviews. Today I’m talking with Gareth Morgan, of Gareth Morgan Investments, who’s just spoken here, in Parliament, to the Productive Economy Session […]

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