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Vision for football in New Zealand

In two extended radio interviews Gareth Morgan expanded on his vision for football in New Zealand and got more specific about how the governance and management of the sport has to change if it is ever going to lift itself beyond the level first reached by John Adshead’s 1982 World Cup team and emulated in […]

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The Recipe for Change

Fake food now kills as many people as cigarettes, and it is time to apply the same solutions as we did to that problem. There is a tried and tested formula to crack this problem – education, regulation, taxation and stigmatisation. This article looks at all the things we could change as a society to […]

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All White Flag Shown at the Azteca

It was an embarrassment, not because we lost heavily but because we decided we wouldn’t play. At the Azteca we showed to the world that we are too scared to play football, we have so little confidence in our ability to play this game that we turned up refusing too and instead just tried to […]

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Mototbikes in New Zealand. License the rider not the bike.

ACC Levy on Motorcyclists: Per Bike or Per Rider?

In the last series of articles examining motorcyclists’ injuries from on-road riding, an understanding of why ACC is facing mounting bills from our misfortune was reached by recognising (a)   The number of motorcycles on the road has been rising (b)   The costs of treatment and rehabilitation from our severe injuries has been rising faster than […]

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Call us what you like. Just not a think tank

How the Morgan Foundation Works

For many decades now I have commented publicly on issues to do with economics and finance. I’m still interested in that stuff – which is why I continue to comment on monetary policy, housing, tax, welfare policy, inequality, and investing to name just a few. But over the last few years I’ve broadened my subject […]

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