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What’s the real inequality?

 Judging by the questions we have received, inequality seems to be one of the hot topics of this election. There are probably a number of reasons for this. The 2010 book Spirit Level summarised the latest incarnation of this debate, arguing that more unequal countries do worse on a range of measures including health (especially […]

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The investment you have been told is a must have is driving a wedge between haves and have nots

By Gareth Morgan and Susan Guthrie – This is part of a series by the Centre for NZ Progress published in the Herald ‘Progress’ is usually taken to mean moving towards something better. Economists are particularly good at whipping out the ruler to measure progress. Are we earning more? Do more people have jobs? Are we selling […]

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Creating jobs will not end poverty

For families’ sake it’s time to rethink our welfare and tax systems. The Prime Minister’s reaction to the latest survey of child poverty was predictable but misguided. It is not just about jobs. As the welfare regime already attests with its Working for Families regime, earned income for many is lower than they can live […]

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Not a bad view from a state house

State Housing a Joke

Here is a classic illustration of how stuffed the welfare system is. Housing New Zealand (HNZ) allocates it’s low-rent properties to people based on their income and savings. Ms Bella Bowden easily qualified on all their criteria – a working person on very low pay – and has been a tenant at one property for […]

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