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Limits to the Treaty of Waitangi partnership

For decades New Zealanders have listened to influential lawyers and political leaders talking about a ‘Treaty partnership’ between Maori and the rest of society (or the ‘Crown’). Significant changes to the way we govern ourselves as a country have been introduced in the name of the Treaty partnership. The Independent Maori Statutory Board (IMSB) set […]

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Politics and pokies a bad mix

Politics and pokies a bad mix

There’s a bill in front of Parliament that advocates local councils be given the job of allocating gaming proceeds and deciding the location and number of machines in their area. The argument is that councillors are the right folk to reduce problem gambling, which affects about 2 per cent of recreational gamblers.

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Distributive Justice and Incentives: A Global Perspective

BY GARETH MORGAN 16% of the world's population controls 80% of global wealth If all the world's citizens consumed the amount of resources the average American does we'd need the resources of 7 globes Over the 1990s, management of US firms have increased their remuneration proportionally more than the increase of the shareholder wealth they've […]

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A Revival for the Old Paternalism

Gareth Morgan, Director of Gareth Morgan Investments The chasm between the views of John Luxton and Winston Peters on government ownership of productive assets, epitomises the distance that National has traveled since its ignominious defeat at the polls in 1984. That whitewash which gave rise to Rogernomics rendered Rob Muldoon's economics to the trash can […]

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Council Rates Amount to Social Welfare in Local Form

Gareth Morgan, Director of Gareth Morgan Investments Local councils which levy rates according to a formula whereby higher value properties pay proportionately more, are still muddled in their thinking. To be consistent with recent moves they have made to exit the role of social welfare agencies, they need to reform their rating so that houseowners […]

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Maori TV should be on Mainstream Channels

Gareth Morgan, Director of Gareth Morgan Investments The Aotearoa affair confuses me. Or at least the particular focus the Press have taken on it. Sure, the antics of one Tukoroirangi Morgan have popular appeal, not the least because he is now a New Zealand First MP and it's tempting to infer that his is the […]

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Student Debt Scheme Bad for Young People

Gareth Morgan, Director of Gareth Morgan Investments The idea of removing tertiary education as a public good doesn't seem so bad. The Todd Taskforce recommendation that students should pay 75% of their fees directly by the year 2000 is of course part of this agenda, as is the associated student loan scheme which enables consumers […]

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It’s Economics Lecturers who are the Dead Fish

Gareth Morgan, Director of Gareth Morgan Investments In his missive on the demerits of unfettered markets (NZ Herald December 20), Auckland University economics lecturer Tim Hazeldine argues the case for government intervention in the labour market. He suggests that unlike in the market for dead fish, an intervention such as a stipulated minimum wage, as […]

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Education Sector Prejudice

Gareth Morgan, Director of Gareth Morgan Investments The announcement last week by Lockwood Smith of tertiary sector funding constraints and the subsequent educationalist reactions of threatened fee rises, demonstrates the need for greater competition in the sector. The cost plus mentality of education providers and the gullibility of student organisations to accept it, should encourage […]

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