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Which food company is killing us the quickest?

It is that time of the year again – time to vote for the Munch Awards, including the worst kid’s food product and worst kid’s food marketing campaign. This time the voting is nicely timed to fit with Diabetes Awareness Week. Today’s blog looks at which of the foods in the Munch awards is preparing […]

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You’ll be shocked at how easy it is to overdose on sugar by eating manufactured fake food

It is Diabetes Awareness Week. As we saw in our book Appetite for Destruction, diabetes is one of New Zealand’s fastest growing diseases (one in 4 Kiwis are at risk) that has many nasty side effects. Poor diet is the major driver of the increase in Type II diabetes. One of the major issues we found in our book Appetite for Destruction is […]

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Advertising to kids – The Mother of all stuff ups

The Dirty Tricks Food & Drink Companies Use to Target Your Kids An angry father has called out Monster energy drinks for their appalling actions in handing out energy drinks to children. He is right in calling for regulation, this is yet another example that the food industry self-regulation over advertising to children is failing. […]

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The Food Industry’s Three Essential Soundbites

When their backs are against the wall, the Food Industry usually pull out one of three soundbites. Each of these soundbites appear sensible on their own, but when you take them as a package, it becomes clear that they are just stonewalling. The response to our piece last week on the New World Little Shop […]

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