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How taxing soft drink can help stop obesity related illness – Whiteboard Friday

In February our Health Minister Jonathan Coleman claimed that soft drink taxes wouldn’t work, a claim that was repeated by former Revenue Minister Peter Dunne in the recent Sunday expose on the impact of sugar on our teeth and waistlines. Sorry, Ministers, but you are just plain wrong. We’ve seen the impact of taxation on cigarette smoking, and […]

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Time to talk about real food, not nutrients

The debate over whether cholesterol and saturated fat or sugar and refined carbohydrates are the greatest dietary evil has once again raised its ugly head. These arguments between nutritionists leave people confused in their quest for a longer, healthier life. And in many ways, the confusion is completely unnecessary. There is actually a lot nutritionists […]

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National Minister’s stance on exercise all puff

As we head into summer, our minds turn to thinking about how to squeeze into the same swimwear we wore last year. Our new health minister Jonathan Coleman has the goal to ‘slim the nation’, by bringing together his roles as Minister of Health and Minister of Sport. Sadly his goal is pointless unless he […]

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Which food company is killing us the quickest?

It is that time of the year again – time to vote for the Munch Awards, including the worst kid’s food product and worst kid’s food marketing campaign. This time the voting is nicely timed to fit with Diabetes Awareness Week. Today’s blog looks at which of the foods in the Munch awards is preparing […]

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