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12 Fake Foods of Christmas no.12: Hamming it Up

And our 12th fake food of Christmas is… processed meat. That’s right: the Christmas ham, bacon, sausages, salami, you name it. We know what you are saying. BUT THEY ARE CHEAP AND TASTE SO GOOD! Processed and preserved meats are certainly a cheap, convenient and tasty option. However as we have seen time and time again, […]

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12 Fake Foods of Christmas no.10:Humble Pie

The pie is a Kiwi icon. We have an annual pie awards – the Bakels Supreme Pie Awards which attracts around 4,000 entries per year. According to legend they were originally a pioneer’s version of the Cornish pastie – the pastry was effectively used by workers as an edible lunch box to transport the stew […]

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12 Fake Foods of Christmas no.9: Milky Goodness

Ethically Milo should declare that it also boosts sugar intake by 70% compared to milk. Don’t count on it. We have already looked long and hard at the problems posed by the mass production of milk. In summary, our milk is nothing like that which comes out of a cow. It is getting watered down with […]

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Nothing to make this a Happy Meal

Of all the tools the fast food chains use to lure people through their doors, McDonald’s Happy Meal is the most cynical. With its bright packaging and free toy (at the moment they have Furbys for girls and Hot Wheels for boys), it is deliberately aimed at children. The burger chips and drink are almost […]

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12 Fake Foods of Christmas no.5: Just Juice?

Since the release of Appetite for Destruction we’ve talked a lot about Coke and other liquid lollies. Surely juice is better for us? Kiwis certainly think so. More than a third of the population drinks juice 3 or more times per week, compared with a quarter that do the same with soft drink. However, this comfort with […]

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