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NZ top of the world on life quality

It’s a result that might surprise many in New Zealand. Good ol’ Godzone is actually getting something right. Despite being a relatively poor member of the moderately rich country club, on a global scale we’re best overall at achieving three things: meeting the basic needs of our population, providing the ‘foundations for wellbeing’ ( things […]

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Why Supermarkets aren’t so super

Last week we saw Shane Jones bagging Countdown for their treatment of suppliers. But don’ t for a moment think the New World/ Pak’nSave crowd are any better. Jones is picking on the Aussies because they are picking on us over there. The truth is that both sides of our cosy supermarket duopoly are as […]

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Film Industry Benefits: Smoke and Mirrors?

The Government has just increased the film industry rebate to 25% to secure production of the Avatar films for New Zealand. Is this good economic management or politicians thinking big and being star struck by Hollywood spin? The Government’s own advice suggests the latter. According to Treasury the current scheme (a rebate of 15%) was […]

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Selling state assets is good

The Government’s partial selldown of a number of state-owned assets is almost done and dusted, with only Genesis yet to go on the block. New Zealand has nevertheless instigated a referendum on the issue. That referendum is over whether the public thinks it a good idea to sell up to 49% of our electricity companies […]

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Graeme Wheeler LVR

LVRs: First Home Buyer Killers

We can expect the LVR (loan to value ratio limits) intervention to impact the housing market. We can also expect first home buyers to be in the firing line of this policy. How ironic, given that the whole issue with the housing market is that it’s locking out many first home buyers. The LVR cure […]

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House in an Auckland Suburb

Reserve Bank solution misses the point

Remedy for New Zealand’s housing bubble needs to focus on curbing investors’ enthusiasm for property. The Reserve Bank has announced it will lift the ratio of deposits to loans in order to take the heat out of the housing market. There are a number of grounds for intervening in the housing market and the appropriate […]

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Denniston Plateau

Govt and miners have learned lesson

The Denniston Plateau deal shows that National and the mining industry have learned their lesson from their last attempt to mine on conservation land. Sure, it was a tad cynical of the Government to make this latest decision the day before the rules on public notification changed. However, the basic thrust of the plan is […]

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