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Video thumbnail for vimeo video Can the government really create more Jobs?

Can the government really create more jobs?

Over the last few weeks a range of economic development policies have emerged from across the political spectrum. They vary from the weird to the wonderful, but all of them suffer from the same problem – the delusion that the government can always create jobs and stimulate regions and industries. Today we will look at […]

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Which Party Will Lower Your Power Bill?

The Labour/ Greens have made no secret of their proposal to reform the electricity sector, announcing the NZ Power plan over a year ago during the asset sales process. National’s approach is more of the same – gently encouraging more competition in the electricity market. The question is which will lower your power bill? The […]

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Politicians reach a new low on tax

Wouldn’t it be nice if elections were about uncovering the best government policies and the best people to implement them? Isn’t that why we have a democracy in the first place? Well, we can kiss that illusion goodbye. Take a look at the way the major parties are behaving around tax. They’re squabbling about the […]

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Come on Bill, at least tax the Rich fairly

Enough ducking of the issues! Bill English’s response to Oxfam’s report about rising wealth inequality was to point to a government report which suggests income inequality hasn’t got worse over the last ten years. In other words the Minister doesn’t want to talk about wealth, just about income. New Zealand’s tax policies don’t attempt to […]

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Migration matters for house prices

They say a picture can paint a thousand words – so let’s save words and cut straight to the chase on the issue of immigration and house prices…     Over the past two decades migration has had a strong influence on New Zealand’s property prices. Net long term inward migration is the number of […]

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Why compulsory savings won’t cure our ills

It is unfortunate but true that many myths have been peddled by successive governments in relation to KiwiSaver. The latest policy offering from the Labour Party reflects a poor understanding about the limits of KiwiSaver and related issues. This is a major flaw in the comprehensive economic policy it announced last week. Myth one: compulsory private […]

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Man out of work, David Shankbone

Why We Need To Shift To Wealth Taxes

There is an intellectual storm sweeping through the corridors of academia and power in Western countries. New Zealand will no doubt catch up in time and a good thing too. It’s a revolution in understanding about inequality, wealth and the role of tax. In his pioneering 2014 opus, Capital in the 21st Century, French economist […]

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